Roll Up Gallery

The gallery is usually open by appointment only and during the Public Works evening events. If unable to make it to the opening, you are welcomed to schedule another visit. Please contact:

We are dedicated to the promotion of national and international emerging and established artists. Roll Up Gallery is part of the Public Works venue.

Public Works and Roll Up Gallery encourage the growth of art and creativity in the Mission and San Francisco.As part of their commitment to the Neighborhood, Public Works will donate a portion of proceeds to various local non-profits in addition to assisting these organizations with promotions and events.

The art gallery provides a space where the work of local SF based artists can mingle with both the up-and-coming art star and the budding savant, encouraged to show by one of the city’s creatively oriented non-profits. With studio space at a premium in San Francisco, four artist residents will be afforded, at no cost, a daytime work shop that come evening transforms into a community room. These studio spaces are available free of charge to neighborhood groups and other benevolent organizations.

Curator: Betty Bigas
Assistant: Asun Rovira


Roll Up Gallery Artist Listing

Fashionably Drawn (05/25/2012)
Curators: Femily/Emily Howe & Christina Bohn (Femme Cartel)
Artists: Elrod, Kathryn McFarlane, Eliza Frye, Reni Castro, Laura Gonzales, Maria Fatima Urbi, Thalia Stratton, Jonelle Marie.

Graphical Inspirations (05/25/2012)
Artists: Marcos Lafarga, Jeffrey Thompson, Beth Davila Waldman, Matthew Henri, Ferran Torras

Action-Reaction (05/04/2012)
Artists: Eugene Rodriguez , Alex Luke , Matt Lee , Lani Tanaka

Teebs: sp  cd  (01/24/2012)
Curators: Jonathan Rudnick, Stacy Horne
Artists: Teebs

Changeover (01/13/2012)
Curators: Jesús Zamarrón
Artists: NWMN David Newman, Alessandra K Cellini, J.Seron, Robbie Weeny, Luna Nother, Megan Lynch, Aleix Gordo Hostau.

Near Modern Future (12/16/2011)
Curator: Marlon Sagana Ingram
Artists: Ras Terms, DeadEyes, The MSI

CONEXION-es  (11/23/2011)
Artists: Alexandra Luke, Joshua Coffy, Gabriel Castellanos, Matt Templeton, Kelly Porter, Anna Herce , Elizabeth de Moya, Ebel.

Nights of Darkness (10/27/2011)
Artists: Lauren Tallon, Sonja Cornell, Matt Templeton, Edward Swanson, Jessica Decker, Nathalie Grice, Talia Lipskind.

wayfarer (10/7/2011)
Artists: Melissa Arendt , Joshua Coffy, Christie La Russell,  Hanna Quevedo, Jesus Zamarron.

Idealization of Shapes (8.29.11)
Artists:Steven  Vasquez Lopez, Aleksandra Zee, Jesse Balmer, Terbo Ted, Patricia Araujo

Human Life: The Art of Storytelling (7.8.11)
Artists:Ricardo Rodriguez, Anthony Papini, Ricardo Castro

Metamorphosis (6.22.11)
Artists: Anastasia Kuba, Jody Jock, Hannah Cairns, Cabure A Bonugli, Robbie Sweeny

Wildy Roary (5.27.11)
Artists:Gabriel Castellanos, Pixiebird, Emma SanCartier, Jack Taylor, Charmaine Olivia

Undressed (4.28.11)
Artists:William Perls, Chelsea Brown, Robbie Sweeny, Rocky Villanueva, Jung Han Kim, Terbo Ted, Jualia Russotti, Bianca Chavez

Characters (4.8.11)
Artists:Robert Syrett, Danielle DeRoberts, Duser

Strapped – Wrapped – Rapped (3.18.11)
Artist: Terry Hoff

SPKR – Evolution of the Queer Dance Floor (3.12.11)
Artists:Lester Temple, John Hedges, Rod Roderick, Page Hodel, Gus Bean, David Petersen, Jose Mineros, David Harness, Quartknee Clark, Neon Leon

Nick Zinner’s 1,001 Images (2.25.11)
 Stacy Horne
Artist: Nick Zinner

Windows – Women Work (2.4.11)
Artists: Alexandra Luke, Miss F, Shayna Yasuhara, Iris Alden, Myrina Tunberg, Niz, Sandra Gomez, Julia Russotti, Betty Lu

Landscape and Self (1.14.11)
Artist: Christopher Spurrell

Outwith Matter (12.4.10)
Artist: Rebecca Whipple

Exuberance: Art Exhibition (11.4.11)
Artist: Nathan Richard Phelps

Attemption (10.9.10)
Artists: Walker Babington, Michael Hall, Delvin Kenobe Leake, James Reedy, Tony Talbert

Capricious Fall (9.24.10)
Nils Thorsen & Melissa McCaig-Welles
Artists: Deede Cheriel, Eduardo Benedetto, Chris Uphues, Terry Hoff, Andrea Von Bujdoss/Superfressh Design, Colin Burns, Nils Thorsen, Ben Janik, Goldmine Shithouse, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Nico Berry, Jason Honig, LogikOne.