Mural/installation by R.S. Whipple.

R.S. Whipple is a gifted painter, author and illustrator. Working in San Francisco she has exhibited her paintings, sculpture and animations both in the US and internationally. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006.

Nickodemus is a DJ, producer, and world traveler. He also started Turntables On The Hudson, a weekly party in Manhattan, that has moved from parking garages to lofts, boats, and many other venues around the city over the past two decades, and have popped up in Cairo, Barcelona, and Playa del Carmen.

A native New Yorker, Nickodemus is rooted in club music, creating music and remixes from all parts of the world, from international dub and downtempo to house and electronic. He’s collaborated on remixes for Bob Marley, Nina Simone, and Mr. Scruff, to name a few. He regularly releases music through Wonderwheel Recordings, and has a new album, A Long Engagement, releasing on May 4th.

We caught up with Nickodemus ahead of his March 31st set at Public Works and asked him a few questions, so check it out.

What got you into DJing?
At an early age I … Read more ›

Aída Miró’s series of paintings created at live art events in NYC pay tribute to musicians and artists. All of these have been painted with the energy of an NYC crowd during live music performances including DJs and dancers, with the audience observing the entire process and the challenge of foregoing the intimacy of being alone in the studio.

Using a combination of spray paint, acrylics, and oil paint, Aída Miró has created portraits of Michael Jackson, James Brown, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, Erikah Badu, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Mos Def, Jay Z, as well as Basquiat, Picasso and Frida Kalho.

Aída Miró is a Ibiza born artist living and working in NYC. She started painting in the streets in early 90´s. Studies in University Politecnica of Valencia (Spain) BA Fine Arts, Postgraduate of Theater Design in Bristol (UK), PhD in Art Education in University Autonomy of Madrid.
Her work is strongly influences by music and dance. … Read more ›

It’s Science Week at Public Works! We’ve got two fun & fantastic events this week that will have you meeting new folks, enjoying a tasty cocktail (or two), and tickling your brain — and learning a thing or two in the process.
First, start your week in reverse Monday evening (Oct. 30) as Science Friday partners with the Bay Area Science Festival to host Science Friday Trivia at Public Works. Radio host Ira Flatow will be dishing up team trivia (singles welcome: you’ll be paired into teams with like-minded folks) that delves deep into all things science… for instance:
Q: Are the creatures we call daddy-long-legs or harvestmen actually spiders?

Q: Why are the blue-footed booby’s feet … well, blue?

Q: The Kelvin scale measures what exactly?

OK, these aren’t actual SciFri (see what we did there?) trivia questions … but they could be. If you know the answers … Read more ›

The world of Eyesores emerges from the monsterful imagination of Barcelona artist, Xavier Gallego.

Born in a small town outside of Barcelona, Xavier spent his school years entertaining himself by creating an illustrated universe of monsters in his notebook. He never thought his hobby could become his livelihood until his best friend’s mother suggested studying graphic design. Within a few years after graduating Barcelona’s top design school, IDEP, Xavier had worked as Multimedia Director at one of Barcelona’s most innovate advertising agencies as well as chief designer for multiple start-ups. After working in New York for  R/GA as a creative director on experience design, creating award winning experiences for nike and samsung ( Nike Film room, Nike the Black Mamba, Nike SB app, The redesign of and the Samsung “Jay-Z Magna Carta” app. ) he recently moved to San Francisco.

For loved ones and even new acquaintances, Xavier was known to always … Read more ›

SCENE & HERD – NUMBER ONE is a photographic exhibition featuring surreal and thought provoking composite collaborations by Simon Shackleton and Chele Gutek as well as evocative landscape and macro photography as seen through Simon’s eye.
Opening Friday November 10th
7:00 to 9:30pm
 at Roll Up Gallery (Public Works),
located in the Mission District,
at 161 Erie Street (between Duboce & 14th st.)
San Francisco, CA 94103.

Mayer Hawthorne is a musician, singer-songwriter, and killer DJ from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He grew up on hip-hop, soul, funk, and techno (of course!), and he makes music to love to, to cry to, and to dance to. Tomorrow, Friday Sept. 15, Mayer Hawthorne is making a visit to Public Works, playing a genre-spanning DJ set, and we asked him a handful of questions so our clubgoers can get a better idea of what he’s about. Read on — and don’t miss his set!


Since Public Works is primarily a techno-house club and you’re from Detroit (Ann Arbor, to be specific), it’s only natural that we ask you about techno. Was techno a fixture in your musical life growing up? Do you keep up with the present-day situation in house and techno at all?
I was hella conflicted in the ’90s — because I secretly loved a lot of the soulful house and … Read more ›