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A concept project by Hunter Hess.
“Eudaimonia Naturae”
Noun –
The process of human flourishing through the direct instrumentality of nature; unique serene fervor accessible through interaction and immersion in nature/ natural settings.

Eudaimonia Naturae is a multi-media intersectional experience in which the goal is to capture the specific, peaceful quietude found in nature through various artistic formats that abide to a singular inspirational catalyst – all presented in one instance in the same space. Inspired by the turbulent year of 2016 with hope of bringing positivity into the year 2017, this project will ultimately aim at capturing and curating a positive and stimulating vibe derived from direct interaction with nature through different artistic mediums.

Arrington West is an artist / illustrator residing in SF, and the founding member of the Black Mail collective, a Bay Area art collective/ platform aimed at emphasizing what it means to be a black individual in … Read more ›

Shark Week: well-known, beloved, cherished, the occasion for many celebrations and gatherings.

Squid Week: doesn’t exist. WHAT!? WHY NOT?!

Well, OK, “Squid Week” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But they deserve it. Cephalopods — that is, “any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda such as a squid, octopus, or nautilus,” according to Wikipedia — are some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. They’re completely bizarre — squids lack skeletons or bones of any kind, but possess beaks, like a parrot’s, made entirely of organic chemicals (no minerals, no metals) that somehow manage to be twice as hard and stiff as the most comparable manmade equivalents.

[caption id="attachment_15908" align="alignleft" width="349"] Yes, that’s a squid’s beak, and yes it’s badass.[/caption]

Meanwhile, octopi — who, again, lack bone structure of any kind — are able to squeeze themselves through a hole the size of a quarter, as this National Geographic … Read more ›

Daytime disco heroes Poolside have deep San Francisco roots: one half of the duo, Jeffrey Paradise, spent many years living in our beautiful city — and throwing some insane, wild parties, like Blow Up and Frisco Disco. We caught up with Paradise ahead of their gig at Public Works tonight (Saturday June 10) to find out a little bit about what he misses about San Francisco. Read on:

Having lived down in Los Angeles for some time now, is there anything in particular you find yourself missing about San Francisco life?

Many things! So much so that I spend a lot of my time between San Francisco and LA these days. One of my things I miss is the ability to ride my bike almost anywhere in San Francisco. It really improves my quality of life dramatically! Also the beautiful views and green space in San Francisco are really spectacular and not … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery will host painter Brian Leo’s art installation entitled, “Winners Are the New Losers”. The artist will be exhibiting small to medium-sized paintings.

Brian Leo’s paintings are a mixture of abstract and literal ideas, clever associations and juxtaposed interpretations that read as social commentary and political satire along with depictions that are interesting takes on common situations.

This exhibition includes a painting of a person in a bomb suit surrounded by suitcases, a chainsaw floating above a bison head, and a portrait of Donald Trump’s immigrant mother with a bottle and cigarette in hand. All his paintings, canvases that are colorful and imaginative, calls into question our collective consciousness and challenges viewers to take a closer look – both at the artwork and at their own belief systems.

“My work includes appropriating imagery and content from advertisements, the news, internet and pop culture, which I alter and give new meaning to. … Read more ›

Salons: they’re not just for hair.

Back in 17th and 18th century France, “salons” were gatherings of thinkers and intellectuals who discussed literature, politics, poetry, and more. Often held in private homes, salons were designed for more than drinks and good company: they were designed to educate and illuminate their patrons.

Fast forward several hundred years, and the salon has grown up — and gotten a little stranger. Public Works would like to introduce you to the ODD SALON, a new twist on an old classic: “Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else.”

Odd Salon is a new bimonthly (first and third Tuesday evenings) event at Public Works — and it launches tonight, March 7. Each Odd Salon features a slew of speakers and hosts, well-versed in odd topics (naturally!), all united by a shared love of discovery — and sharing their knowledge with the audience.

Tonight, Odd Salon … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery is proud to announce a duo exhibition by the Spanish artists Patricia Rubio and Ferran Torras.

Patricia Rubio is a San Francisco based artist born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her work focuses on colorful abstract geometric structures. Patricia imagines these constructions as a way to organize thoughts and feelings into spaces that are hypnotic and inviting. She graduated in Fines Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, in 2009. Her most recent exhibitions include: Lineas Solo exhibition, JCART Gallery, Madrid (2016); Room Art Fair, Madrid (2016) and Art in the Metroplex, Fort Worth, TX (2014). She has also been regularly participating to the Open Studios  at Art Explosion, San Francisco as resident artist.

Ferran Torras, a visual artist from Barcelona, Spain, founder & art director at Wall & Wall presenting his new paintings: “From behind the canvas”.
“I enjoy experimenting and creating new, innovative solutions to any visual problem. Proactive and motivated, … Read more ›

A group exhibition by:
Annamarie Pabst

Presenting portraits rendered from mugshots taken inside S-21 Prison during the 1970’s Cambodian Genocide.  The faces display a resilient fight to survive despite the nightmarish conditions of their imprisonment.  The black negative space represents the imminence of death and disappearance.  The inmates emerge from the shadows in defiance to reveal their identity.

Here is a recent article about the S-21 series from LUXe Cultura Magazine: annamarie-artist-profile

And abstract portraits by Anna Lark

Full list of artists coming soon.

Curators: Paige Parker / Betty Bigas

Opening Friday February 10th, 2017
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103