Brass Tax presents Supper of Survivors IV!

3:00pm – 12:00amTBD

Main Room

Brass Tax DJs JoeJoe

Ding Dong


Ernie Trevino and Haute Mess

Plus Special Guests:

Ethan Miller (Friends & Family)

MoPo (sunsetsf)

TophOne (TeamWino)

IT’S ON! The New Year’s Day party where YOU’RE the VIP.

Brass Tax DJs JoeJoe, Ding Dong, Mace, Ernie Trevino and Haute Mess
Plus Special Guests Ethan Miller (Friends & Family), MoPo (sunsetsf), and TophOne (TeamWino)

We will be continuing our beloved traditions of feeding your hungry mouths with tasty treats, filling your hungry earholes with bumpin’ beats, and healing your broken bodies with our fully-stocked triage station. And NEW this year, we will be debuting our brand-spanking new Brass Tax Bibbity Bobbity ‘Bu-tique! What is it? You’ll have to come and find out!

We’ll be kicking things off at 3pm, and will have limited-edition laser-cut SoS medals for the first Survivors to arrive, so get there early! Plus drink specials: $3 coronas, $3 screwdrivers, and $5 champagne cocktails til 5pm!

So stick it in your calendar, and get ready to bust through the finish line, cuz you’re a SURVIVOR!

$5 before 5pm, $10 after, 21+ w/ID