Connect – a Space Cowboys Throwdown to benefit FLG

9:00pm – 3:30am  $15-$25

The Flaming Lotus Girls are excited to create NOETICA for Burning Man 2017!

NOETICA’s movement and flame effects are based on interaction and alignment, with greater rewards for people working together. While we think of ourselves as discrete individual entities, we are all parts of a greater whole, affected by one another. Just like we are on the dance floor!

Come Join FLG in a Night for Noetica. With booty shakin’ beats provided by the infamous (that’s like EXTRA famous) Space Cowboys and Friends. Support amazing art with the same dollars that pave the way for a night full of booty shakin’ you won’t soon forget or ever regret. FLG and Space Cowboys – two great tastes that taste great together.

The Worker Bee (Space Cowboys)
DJ Shooey (Space Cowboys)
Deckard (Space Cowboys)
Brad Robinson (Space Cowboys)
Ben Anderson (Space Cowboys, Flux)
Kaptn Kirk (Space Cowboys)
8Ball (Space Cowboys)