GlamCocks Present: Dancers, Prancers, and Vixens!

10pm - 4am  $10 - $25

‘Twas the Ninth before Xmas, and all through San Fran,
A feeling was stirring, so we hatched a plan.
Why not throw a ball and bring all the fun tricks in?
The GlamCocks Present: Dancers, Prancers, and Vixens!

On the eve of the GlamCocks’ first Holiday shindig, we’re excited to see what happens when we don our gay apparel! Our community really knows how to turn up in themed outfits. You guys put elves to shame with all the work you do on them. Come in an ugly sweater and those stockings you took from above the fireplace, or just looking like a ho ho ho. Together we’ll make this winter wonderland fabulous.

The most important part of our events is the vibe that you bring. It’s fun to get NAUGHTY, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play NICE. Flirt with folks who aren’t on your holiday card list (yet). Dance with other misfit toys just for the thrill of connection, without any expectations. We celebrate difference and believe that when everyone can be themselves without fear of judgement or exclusion, we’ll bring joy to the world.

Forget your company holiday party! Grab a cup of good cheer and shake your snow globes with us, as the GlamCocks Present: Dancers, Prancers, and Vixens!