House of Bass: Sparkle Pony Procrastination Party

9:30pm - 3:00am  $0 - $10

Remember how we had “one last chance” before heading to Burning Man to “put on your playa boots” and “dance with us”? Well, we lied. We’re having one more crazy party before we throw everything in the back of our vehicles and drive into the desert.

House of Bass is going to be another amazing night in the Public Works Loft, with selectors playing solid tracks to bounce and pop to. We made some prime choices for this mid-August party’s selectors:

Freddie Fiers. recent mix:
– Buddy System (DJ Kelly + S├ębastien) – recent mix:
– Daddy (Kevin)
– Kate Mess (Caio)

The ZF House of Bass staples are house and techno, a dash of magic and a whole lot of booty shaking. Listen to previous sets from HoB here:

All of the funds we raise at this party support our playa advanture, where we throw one of the best underground parties in the desert. Bring your friends, and dance with us – and if you can’t make it to this event, come find us at 9:30 and Burnhain…er, Bender!

PLEASE NOTE: Free RSVPs are very limited and will run out! If you miss them, no worries – just snag a presale ticket as they are cheaper than at the door.