Intimate night with Perfect Stranger

9:30pm-3:30pm  $15-$20

Perfect Stranger ( Iboga Records )
The Perfect Stranger project was born pretty randomly in 2005, when Iboga label boss Michael Banel suggested that Yuli start making some progressive tunes. Fortunately for us, Yuli’s response was “Sure, why not!”. The following year saw the release of his debut album “Learning=Change” on 5th of February, which also happens to be Yuli’s birthday. A year later came the release which marked a milestone for Perfect Stranger – “Changed” – a remix CD which gave rise to some of the most epic tunes which still reign dancefloors today. The release of “Free Cloud” in 2008 took the Perfect Stranger sound to its peak and made its mark on the scene with a unique psy-tech sound that had been unprecidented before. From here on, the Perfect Stranger sound had it’s distinctive soundscape and a genre within it’s own. Now that Yuli had everyone’s attention, he took another big step forward with the album “Leap of Faith” in 2012, and marked yet another huge milestone in the Perfect Stranger story, unleashing a long list of epic tunes with timeless soundscapes and perfect groove.

The new remix album “11” pays tribute to the countless Perfect Stranger tunes that have kept up with the rhythm of time and comes out, true to form, on 5th of February 2018…Yuli’s birthday.

With CD1 we are invited to experience the more psychedelic side of Perfect Stranger, while CD2 takes us on a more psytech/tech infused ride, and CD3 features some remakes from Perfect Stranger himself, giving a fresh touch to some classics. The CDs features remixes from the likes of Captain Hook, LOUD, Electrypnose, Eat Static, Gaudium, Desert Dwellers and many more!

Yuli Fershtat ( Digital Structures )
Yuli split his Perfectly Strange project few years ago to be free to play the tech stuff under his own name and leave the more Trancey materials for Perfect Stranger. Under his name he played some of the finest moments in Boom 2014 and 2016, last three years at Ozora festival in Hungary, Rainbow Serpent in Australia, Symbiosis Festival and Eclipse Gathering right here – just to name a few. Yuli also owns the Digital Structures label where he releases his multi genre vision of psychedelic tech.