Night Market

11AM-4PM and 6PM-12AM$5 for day or night, $8 for both. Tickets available on the door.

ForageSF and Public Works presents Night Market

Back again with new vendors and some old favorites, 161 Erie comes alive with its underground market transforming the space into a hybrid nighttime event inspired by outdoor marketplaces from around the world.

Schedule and other details TBA. In the meantime checkout some pictures from previous events:

::New York Times::

In the Bay Area, year-round farmers’ markets and food co-ops are plentiful and well-established. Too well-established, it turns out, for a group of amateur chefs, foragers and home food purveyors in San Francisco. So the disparate crew founded a renegade market for vendors who lack the commercial kitchens and licenses needed to operate elsewhere…

Review of the first Night Market:

And this article, which appeared recently in the New York Times:

Taking the city by storm in 2010, ForageSF has been gathering some of the Bay Area’s most talented and forward thinking chefs and culinary do-it-yourself craftsmen and matching them up with hungry and sophisticated foodies looking for the next big bite. Focusing on vendors working with sustainable back-yard farms and 100% organic attitudes these roaming renegade markets have gathered the attention of culinary enthusiasts all over the world.

ForageSF brings its array of edibles to Public Works and keeps the clock running after-hours. With a rotating line-up of eclectic street performers, live musicians, and disc jockeys, the Mission neighborhood venue will transform into its own version of an exotic marketplace.

Check out what all the fuss is about at

The SF Underground Market is a venue where you can taste and purchase the food that is being produced in backyards and home kitchens in the Bay Area.

To sell at a farmers market, you need to produce your wares in a commercial kitchen. This is an impossible expense for many of us, so the underground farmers market is about helping to get some exposure for all of our fellow producers without the cash for a commercial kitchen.

These are veterans, people who’ve been making their products for years, but only able to share them with friends. We thought we’d give them a venue to share with the whole SF food community. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, click here to read more.

A market, and a live show, all rolled into one. Think a farmers market, but at night, with music and drinks.

To attend the market, you need to be a member (FREE) of the SF Underground Market, please sign up here.

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