ODYSSEY presents Eli Escobar (NYC) w/ Guy Ruben & Robin Simmons | in the Public Works Loft

9:30pm – 3:30am$10 B4 10:30pm


ODYSSEY presents Eli Escobar w/ Guy Ruben & Robin Simmons
Friday March 22, 2013
in the Public Works Loft | 161 Erie st.
930pm-330am | 21+ | $10 | Payment Optional before 1030pm


He really shouldn’t need an introduction, but if that’s necessary, here are a few things:

Work It :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pLmC_JgcLc
Little Things (Eli Escobar Remix) :: http://youtu.be/cb8Z41Vjh14
Love Thing :: http://youtu.be/Eoo5YegIcpI
Rude Boy (Eli Escobar Remix) :: http://youtu.be/DDNhgSfCdpk
WTF (Eli Escobar Remix) :: http://youtu.be/MicLyQpX6i4
Nueva (Eli Escobar Remix) :: http://youtu.be/HsYE50HG06s
White Horse (Eli Escobar Remix) :: http://youtu.be/QUWhjh-pOiA
Good Time :: http://youtu.be/qPsJFX4H7E8
Set My Heart on Fire :: http://youtu.be/LPm5YN_-tdw

or check his upcoming single (feb 26!) :: https://soundcloud.com/eliescobar/sets/somebody-to-love-me-drifting


Eli Escobar ( NYC )
links >> http://soundcloud.com/eliescobar
set times >> 1130pm – 1230am & 230am – 330am
eli’s “work it” at Odyssey >> http://youtu.be/XP8SO6Tqr0g?t=1m25s

Guy Ruben
links >> http://djguyruben.com/

set times >> 1030pm – 1130pm & 130am – 230am

Robin Simmons ( Odyssey )
links >> http://djrobinsimmons.com/
set times >> 930pm – 1030am & 1230am – 130am
robin at odyssey >> http://youtu.be/QW0QNS5ODR8


930pm-1030pm >> Robin Simmons
1030pm-1130pm >> Guy Ruben
1130pm-1230am >> Eli Escobar
1230am-130am >> Robin Simmons
130am-230am >> Guy Ruben
230am-330am >> Eli Escobar


>> A true SF gem, Donovan is a prolific live lightshow artist (and head of the Psychedelic Lightshow Preservation Society), having made continuous live art through a combination of slides, projections, color wheels and essentially anything he can get access to, analog or digital. His work was hugely influential in the 90’s Rave scene, performing at Wicked, The Gathering, going on tour with Doc Martin & Dubtribe, and setting up shop in various influential nightclub spaces in San Francisco, including Townsend. He will be taking us on a 6 hour visual joyride.


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