Party For The End Of The World w/ NVO, High Cliffs, Lotus Drops & DJ Phleck

9:00pm – 2:00am  $8 Pre-sale, $12 Door

Main Room


High Cliffs

Lotus Drops

DJ Phleck


Where will you be when the world ends?

Come dance, rock, roll and party your ass off with us at Public Works!

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9PM @ 161 Erie St, SF
$8 Pre/ $12 Door


Hailing from San Francisco, NVO is a new music collective dedicated to melting faces and rocking dance floors with original beats, remixes, visuals, and light shows. The group’s four-piece core features Greg Maximov on live drums, DJ/producer DUDHAUS (aka Justin Ward) on sequencers and synths, Chuck Jones on sampling, scratching and Kaossilators, and songwriter Mike Laglia laying down effect-driven guitar wizardry. With influences spanning genres and live shows featuring equal parts ethereal dream states, dirty warehouse raves, and sci-fi movie samples, NVO continues to amaze audiences with their unique approach to live electronica and club rocking bangers.


We are creation. We are destruction. We are the desert, the ocean, the forest, outer space, and inner space. We are the peak and the valley. Brothers. Sisters. Children. Sages. We are invisible kingdoms on lucid shores. Ceremonies unfolding. Gospel choirs in the distance. We are the inspeakable horror and the uncontained beauty. Lysergic bliss. Universal chemistry. We are the reckless pursuit of life, love. and happiness. Hope in the face of chaos. We are High Cliffs.

LOTUS DROPS (OAK) Nexus, MalLabel, Sucka Free
Lotus Drops has been bringing it for the last 4 1/2 years and is blasting through the roof. She delivers it full on and is constantly finding ways to get your booty shaking and your soul elevated in these drastic times. Its time for the next round of sounds of what she describes as Psychedelic Dubstep Goddess Womp. Be prepared to get the real rinse out….because Lotus is locked and loaded and ready to Drop it like its hot.

DJ PHLECK – Motown On Mondays