Public Works 8 Year Anniversary (30+ hour Party)

9:00pm  $35 - $48


September 21st 9pm – September 23rd 10am

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Once again we eagerly approach our favorite season of the year, anniversary season! Find a babysitter, do some stretches, and strap on your dancing shoes, because we’re gearing up for a marathon of a party. To celebrate our 8th rotation around that big yellow thing in the sky, we’re throwing a 30+ hour RAVE. Yes, you read that right, a 37 hour cavalcade of house and techno highlighting some of our favorite international acts alongside some of the most essential San Francisco party EXPERTS…

To kick things off the infamous As You Like It will be hosting internationally renowned Father-Daughter DJ Duo FLOORPLAN (Robert & Lyric Hood) along with Rinse.FM poster-child Josey Rebelle. As You Like It residents Lily Ackerman & Rich Korach will be keeping the vibe dialed in as well. Quality. During this time the Loft dons its blackest v-neck in celebration of the return of hometown hero, Xosar. Her heavy, Berlin-tinged EBM sound has been festival stages across Europe all summer and now it’s time to bring it home. Local queerdos Matthew Paul (Kosmetik) and Public Works’ Nonsuit will help set a grinding pace featuring the newest underground Techno and Bassy cuts.


On Saturday local underground freak-scene purveyors Club Lonely (Primo, Vin Sol, & Jeremy Castillo) will be holding it down during those wee morning hours as well with their infamous “Best-Worst House Party” Sound. Italo deep cuts and bouncy G-House tracks guaranteed for all. Afterwards the saucy, sultry, and often slippery Honey Soundsystem will be joining us in the Loft for an Afterhours takeover reminiscent of a San Francisco of years past. They’ve brought New York rising star Lychee out to help them turn you UP and OUT.


During the day, dance, brunch, and sip Aperol Spritzes and Kava with hometown posi-vibe House & Disco crew Brouhaha House & Disco crew Brouhaha and LA Warehouse Princess, Dig Deeper co-founder MASHA for a warm & vibey daytime moment to remind us what the sun feels like (even if we haven’t seen it in several months).

Gracing the main room with his glistening Floridian bod is none other than the heartbeat of Miami, Danny Daze accompanied by the groovy deep vibes of Matthias Meyer! The only person we thought capable of picking up what Danny was putting down is synthesizer royalty Sebastian Mullaert of the notorious Minilogue who will be clocking in a 3+ hour live set as we watch the sun rise again. Start pounding Club Mate now folks. Setting pace before this marathon of lush electronic landscapes will be one of Europe’s best keep secrets Kate Simko with the leaders of one of the cutest parties in town, Polyglamorous.

Later that night, Important Rave Business in the Loft– world-class international selectors challenge our own homegrown talent in a way any fan of techno could previously only dream of. Detroit staple by way of NYC Mike Servito and German DJ Goddess Lena Willikens take on the local techno quadfecta of Interdimensional Transmissions’ Carlos Souffront, We Are Monsters’ Mozhgan, AYLI’s Lily Ackerman, and Public Works’ own Kudeki. A night of relentless techno, acid, and general darkness that is sure to be stuff of your Grandmother’s nightmares.

And if you need a breath of fresh air, a change of pace; take a stroll outside and soak in the locals only vibes of our silent disco! One of our favorite promoters, Electroluxx will take over this stage promising total sensory experience featuring all their resident DJs plus an encompassing scenic design created by the artistic mastermind behind the party, Elliot Nathan. Think LED hedonism meets that warm fuzzy feeling you get when listening to Deep House. Electroluxx always shows us what four power outlets and a dream are really capable of. Teaming up with them outside are local House & Disco peddlers Make It Funky who will be coming in hot after a very spicy summer of shows, Robothuman of Reptile Society, Manitous of Slayers Club, Jill McDonald of Deep House Yoga, Boris of Distrikt, & Ledet of Groovewell. We’re making that smoke break as exciting as.

Be sure to stop by our Rave Resource Center™ while you’re here for all the information you could ever possibly need regarding extended hour raving safety and longevity (as well as free snacks).


Danny Daze | Sebastian Mullaert LIVE
Lena Willikens | Xosar LIVE | Matthias Meyer
Mike Servito | Josey Rebelle
Honey Soundsystem ft. Jackie House, Bezier, & special guest Lychee
Kate Simko (Get Physical) | MASHA (Dig Deeper LA)
Carlos Souffront (Interdimensional Transmissions / The Bunker NY)
Lily Ackerman (AYLI / Perfect Location) | Mozghan (We Are Monsters)
Tyrel Williams (Housepitality / Secret Studio) | R. Fentz (Manjumasi)
Vin Sol, Primo, & Jeremy Castillo (Club Lonely)
Rouse & Camdaze (Brouhaha) | Onemohit, Joe Fro, & Jay Handles (Make It Funky)
Rich Korach (AYLI) | Ledet (Groovewell) | Matthew Paul (Kosmetik / Mr Drummer ’79)
Electroluxx Resident DJs | Beya, Mark O’Brien, & Major (Polyglamorous)
Zero Fucks Resident DJs | Deyan & Louiv (Aftertouch)
Ivana Karpierz (East Block) | Jill McDonald (Deep House Yoga) | Robothuman (Reptile Society)
Kudeki (Noctuary / Public Works) | Nonsuit (Patchwork / Public Works)
Peter Blick (Below Radar / Public Works) | Manitous (Slayers Club) | Boris (Distrikt)

3 Stages. 40+ Artists. You.

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