Annie Tsai / Project Abstract


Project Abstract.

Situated at the edge of San Francisco overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lands End is a 2.9 mile coastal trail leading from the famous Sutro Baths and Cliff House. The trail has many unofficial paths that run through the hills and to the cliffs. Many people visit Lands End, yet only some slow down enough to listen, observe, and appreciate the beauty around them.

It was 1997 when I immigrated to United States.  I visited Ocean Beach with my mother the first week I was here.  She said, “If you ever miss me or your father, just remember we are all connected by the ocean here.”  Since I often felt alone due to the language barrier, I would walk quietly along the beach observing my surroundings.  I stumbled upon Lands End Trail, and the place instantly mesmerized me.  It transported me from the crowded city to an enchanted land straight out of a fairy tale.  I enjoyed strolling in the woods and along the cliffs, finding secret spots among the bushes.  Every tree seemed to have a unique personality.  The trail offered me solace from the pressure to communicate and adapt to a new culture.

Lands End Trail took years of planning to make happen and needs our help to preserve its ethereal beauty for the future.  I want this project to raise awareness, so that more people will stop to observe, appreciate, and protect this unique part of San Francisco.

About Photographer.

As an immigrant who grew up in San Francisco, photography gave Annie Tsai a way to observe and records the cultures, environment, and emotions that intrigues her. Her recent works are mostly focused on nature, as she wants to show the mood and personalities of trees and ocean side  here in San Francisco that makes her imagination run wild.


Saturday November 7th  11am / 6:00pm
Sunday November 8th  11am / 6:00pm