News Month: November 2010

Public Works is proud to present OUTWITH MATTER, a solo exhibition and installation by San Francisco based artist Rebecca Whipple. Whipple works to unearth those places where our human predilection towards categorization breaks down. She probes the dream world and encourages a state of extreme boredom in her artistic process. This boredom acts as a catalyst to a willfully cultured synesthesia in which the divide between color, language, time and math begins to loosen.

For Public Works Whipple will create a multi-media installation of dream animation abstracted portraiture, geometric patterning and felt relief.

The exhibition is viewable by appointment with the artist through January 9th or during club events. To set up a time to see the exhibition please contact Rebecca Whipple at
There will be a closing event on January 9th, details TBA.



outwith matter

throw away stuff

bring unit to the surface

put beyond bearing