News Month: December 2010

Public Works is proud to present:
LANDSCAPE AND SELF:  New art by Christopher Spurrell
Friday, January 14

7 to 10 pm

Boldly expressive in its use of color, Spurrell’s abstracted photographs start from the idea, “We cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves.” His vibrantly transformed digital images explore the connections between the personal and the planet–between the ways we abuse ourselves and others, and the way we collectively abuse the planet.

“I am struck by the way people see and react to these works; many see rivers, canyons, even biological forms, yet the starting material for this work is photographs of people. That connection, imprinted in the structure of the image, is a reflection of the way we interact with the world.”

The underlying humanity of his source material expresses a deep reverence for “the Self,” while emphasizing the need to take personal responsibility for our actions.  Highlighting the visual relationships between landscapes, maps, … Read more ›