News Month: November 2011

I like to feel connected with nature, looking at the animals and noticing that they observe me too.
Everything connects, everything flows.
I live and observe.
I am what I eat.
Love, friendship, explosion of feelings, colors, textures, food, life, death …
I’m not afraid
Across space and across time
We are all connected
Allow yourself the luxury of connecting with the art.
Come to enjoy the variety of paintings at Roll Up Gallery.


Featuring art by:

Alexandra Luke

Joshua Coffy

Gabriel Castellanos

Matt Templeton

Kelly Porter

Anna Herce

Elizabeth de Moya



Curator: Betty Bigas

Monsieur M. providing atmospheric soundscapes and danse sounds…

Opening Next Wednesday Nov 23th
6:00 to 9:00pm



An exhibition of Modern works from an Indigenous kind.

Ras Terms



This show will exhibit World people from the past using modern teachings to produce a better way of visual living for the future. These artists will include.

We are very talented Beings trancended into Graffiti writers turned contemporary artists.
We all have spiritually respected origins inspired from ancient traditions, therefore our art leads us towards a better
way of communicating our living truth. The concept theme around our exhibition will be…

Curator: Marlon Sagana Ingram

Opening Friday December 16th
6:00- 9:00 pm