News Month: March 2011

Enter the vibrant and visually empathetic world of CHARACTERS, an exhibition that brings together a wide variety of human depictions, spanning people from all walks of life across the border of real and abstract. In an ongoing effort to capture the faces of humanity, Roll Up Gallery has assembled three Bay Area artists who have put together an innovative and exciting show. The collection of portraits explore the incongruous human landscape and introduce viewers to the shared complexities that bring us together.

Art by Robert Syrett, Danielle DeRoberts & Duser. + animation/projection “Bagatelle I” the first of six music videos produced by schnellebuntebilder for the saxophone quartet

Opening Friday April 8th
from  7:00 to 10:00 pm

dj kate scratch fever !

@ Roll Up gallery
21 +

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About the Artists…
Located inside of Robert Syrett’s head, just behind and a little up from his eyeballs is a unique organ of thought. It is … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery is proud to present:
“strapped – wrapped – rapped”
recent work by Terry Hoff

“pop or surrealism,
painting or collage,
inside or outside,
real or unreal,
familiar or unfamiliar,
bad or good,
past or future,
just present.”
futurism, mineralogy, surface fetish, wiley coyote, the road runner
and disney all inform my reflection of the meltdown of “the american
with an eye on alternative realities, through the lens of the drug
culture and utopian ideals.”
terry hoff

Terry’s work as been described as, ‘the face of existential angst,’
because his vivid, dynamic paintings reflect his immersion in
California’s suburban-youth culture. His work has been featured in galleries everywhere from NY the UK, and the Roll-Up Gallery is delighted to bring Terry’s established talent to SF.

Terry Hoff was born in Prescott, Arizona. He attended school at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California, and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, where he currently teaches.
Terry Hoff will be exhibiting a collection of his recent work … Read more ›

SPKR will feature five significant venues from San Francisco’s timeline: I-Beam, End Up, Trocadero Transfer, Townsend, and The Box. These clubs and the personalities gravitating around them will be portrayed as a multimedia family tree – telling tales of the halcyon days of Disco in the 70’s, notorious Sunday Tea Dances, the transcendental House and Rave movements of the 80’s and 90’s, and the emergence of a global authority on dance music for the present generation.

The clubs are highlighted for their social, cultural, political and spiritual importance and because they were sanctuaries for so many in the queer community.

The GLBT Historical Society Archives, private donors, never before seen artifacts and video footage alongside newly commissioned photography will be used to weave together a concise narrative of this rich history. A poster and audio documentary will showcase select media from the show, including oral histories of club culture personalities and denizens.

Luminaries interviewed … Read more ›