News Month: June 2011

“A scar is what happens when the world is made of flesh.”
Leonard Cohen

See life changing narratives of injury, pride and survival at the Roll-Up Gallery’s ‘Human Life: The Art of Story Telling Exhibition.’

Akin to crevices in the Earth, the artwork featured in this show serves as symbolic evidence of humanity’s resilience and beauty, and also allows the viewer a window into another’s experience.

Explore your desire to look at what’s normally hidden.
Featuring the work of local bay area artists:
Portraits by Ricardo Castro. An exhibit of scars and the stories behind them.

Anthony Papinipainted a detailed painting everyday day for 365 days. The re-accruing theme in these paintings is traffic and congestion. The paintings convey the grit of modern existence.

Histories painted by Ricardo Rodriguez.

& more surprises!

Opening Friday July 8th.
7:00 – 10:00 pm
21 +


Roll Up Gallery present: “Metamorphosis”

Art by:
Anastasia Kuba:
Jody Jock:
Hannah Cairns:
Cabure A Bonugli:
Robbie Sweeny:

And more surprises…

Curator: Robbie Sweeny
Assistant: Lauryn Porte

We all have a perfect version of ourselves in our minds eye, we strive to be that person, some days we succeed other days we fail. San Francisco has been a mecca for queer folk for generations now, for whatever reason this city has called out to its queer children far and wide and beckoned them to come. It is here in this city where so many feel they can become their real selves. This city acts as both a physical and physcological cocoon, it feeds and nourishes us and allows us to blossom into the creatures we have always dreamt of being.

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