News Month: July 2011

From the point the line was born,
from the line the forms were evolved,
and then the colors adorned them.

Geometrical inspirations that will transport us to rectilinear landscapes.

Come to Roll Up Gallery to the  “Idealization of Shapes”  exhibition

Enjoy the Abstract paintings by Steven  Vasquez Lopez
“Everyday patterns and colors that become layers of our life experiences…”

Spirals of histories and words camouflaged into sculptures by Aleksandra Zee

Fractal sketches by Jesse Balmer

Observe the moiré pattern between the lines of the printings and paintings by the designer Terbo Ted.

Discover the singular iconic structure coupled with multiple environmental abstractions by Patricia Araujo.

Photos of buildings reflected and duplicated creating kaleidoscopic figures..


July 29th from 6:00 to 9:00pm at Roll Up Gallery
And more surprises…
Don’t miss the opening!

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