News Month: June 2013

Roll Up Gallery presents: “The Wallery”
A place where a unique selection of international wallpaper artists think outside the frame. Bringing art to the walls through wallpaper murals and vinyls.

Art by:


Conrad Roset

Guim Tió

Iván Bravo

Jennifer Davis

Mariella Fasson

Paula Bonet

Yeyei Gómez

Alexandra March

Curated by: Sílvia Langa & Betty Bigas

Opening Friday July 19th
6:00 to 9:00pm
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


About “The Wallery”:

“We are a collective of creative minds that had the idea to create a place where anyone could find art murals to decorate their walls.  We think it´s just a boring attempt to define what art is and is not.  Why not make something that can stand alone, unframed. Voila! Now you have The Wallery.

We are a startup from Barcelona, with Sílvia Langa as the Founder. ”


“Art by Code” is a triumph of human ingenuity and a tribute to artists who dare to imagine, invent, and test the limits. 

Roll up Gallery and CODAME ART+TECH will present 12 artists in conjunction with the Techno Fashion event.
“Art by code”
Opening Wednesday June 26
6:00 to 9:00 pm

“Art by Code” is about computer code, art & language, digital art, and conceptual art and artists who are pioneering powerful ways in bridging art and technology.

These artists use code as their primary artistic tool. Their creations represent dynamic systems incorporating algorithmic rules, simulation of physical properties, and complex systems theory that are generated by a variety of unique and complex written codes.


Reza Ali

Inigo Quilez

Matthew Cella

Ryan Alexander

Jon Kuzmich

Josh Nimoy

Antonio Cortez

Tiffany Trenda

Wes Grubbs

Kim Rees

Kristin Henry

Nolan Love

The exhibition curated by:

Hanna Regev (
Bruno Fonzi, Co-Founder of CODAME ART+TECH(
Betty Bigas, (Roll … Read more ›