News Month: January 2014

Some memories traverse the mind in a seemingly linear fashion; lucid
narratives of sight, smell and sound, that bring us back to a powerful
moment in the past. But other memories visit us in varied forms of
abstraction.  These recollections may surface without warning, as a
chaotic assemblage of visions and sensations, devoid of time, space,
or reason.

The artists in this month’s exhibition examine the compelling subject
of of personal and communal memory in wonderfully expressive and
engaging ways.

“Memories & Moments” invites the viewer to consider the curious way
that our minds catalogue the past…and how our relationship with the
‘past’ is a reflection of who we are today.

Art by:

Kieran Collins

Jon Weiss:

Hanna Quevedo

Victor Pastor

Emilio Villalba

Salik Syed

Curated by: Betty Bigas

Opening Saturday, February 15th, 2014
6:00pm – 9:00pm
161 Erie st SF 


Flyer image by Kieran Collins