News Month: November 2016

“Staring Out Loud”, solo exhibition by Marty McCutcheon.
Marty McCutcheon’s paintings are inspired by a long-standing admiration of printed letter forms and a budding love of literature. Richly textured with subtly scintillating color, these paintings are magnified, impressionistic representations of letters and words printed on the pages of books. The textual content is sourced from literature listened to while working at home and in the studio— thus, these are words the painter originally heard, rather than read. The chosen texts recall memorable, meaningful passages, but are composed in four and five line fragments, in order to obscure, but not obliterate, their specific origins.

With “Staring Out Loud”, Roll Up Gallery offers a unique contemplative experience of the power of written words and the beautiful shape of letterforms.

Marty McCutcheon is a California-based artist producing abstract paintings, three-dimensional and collaborative artworks, photography and art videos. His work has been exhibited across the U.S. and internationally.

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