News Month: September 2016

“Hybrid”, solo exhibition by Max Ehrman
Once you understand the laws of nature only then can you break it and create a new aesthetic…
Explore the organic geometrical styles and concepts revolving around nature with the amazing paintings by the talented local street-art artist Max Ehrman.

Max Ehrman known as Eon75 is muralist based in San francisco with roots all over the world.
He moved to europe in the fall of 2001 and studied architecture at the dessau institute of architecture where he received his masters. While in europe he painted in 6 countries and showed artwork in galleries in 4 countries.

After coming back to the u.S.A. his work has been published internationally and nationally. Eon75 has also produced murals for the city of san francisco and known muralist documantarian jim prigoff. He also has painted at many festivals and live venues in san francsico, florida, miami and new york city.

Eon75’s signature style draws … Read more ›