News Month: March 2017

Roll Up Gallery will host painter Brian Leo’s art installation entitled, “Winners Are the New Losers”. The artist will be exhibiting small to medium-sized paintings.

Brian Leo’s paintings are a mixture of abstract and literal ideas, clever associations and juxtaposed interpretations that read as social commentary and political satire along with depictions that are interesting takes on common situations.

This exhibition includes a painting of a person in a bomb suit surrounded by suitcases, a chainsaw floating above a bison head, and a portrait of Donald Trump’s immigrant mother with a bottle and cigarette in hand. All his paintings, canvases that are colorful and imaginative, calls into question our collective consciousness and challenges viewers to take a closer look – both at the artwork and at their own belief systems.

“My work includes appropriating imagery and content from advertisements, the news, internet and pop culture, which I alter and give new meaning to. … Read more ›