EAST MIDDLE WEST : the stencil street art of ICY AND SOT

EAST MIDDLE WEST : the stencil street art of ICY AND SOT
‘Underground from iran’

Opening March 1st from 6-9pm
at Roll Up Gallery (Public Works)
161 Erie st SF

Despite challenging societal norms and the Iranian government, Icy and Sot have helped expand and articulate the Iranian underground art culture as both skaters and artists, bringing them an international buzz that’s already lead them to create their dualistic works in NYC, Paris, Turin and Sao Paolo. Now, together with their friends, Brooklyn via Tehran post punk band, The Yellow Dogs, they will travel across the USA making stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago with a van, trailer and their inspiring determination to spread their art, and in so, awareness.

Icy and Sot, who thematically address oppression, consumerism, the appeal of fame, and a hope for peace with playful but poignant figures of innocence, will be revealing new stencil work as well as site-specific installations at their Roll Up Gallery show at Public Works, March 1st-3rd, as part of Culture Club during Noise Pop.

Their stop at Noise Pop and Roll Up Gallery @ Public Works will also include a live performance from The Yellow Dogs at Great American Music Hall on Thursday, February 28th (supporting !!!)

and an interactive live music and art session with both Icy and Sot and The Yellow Dogs at Culture Club at Swedish American House on Saturday, March 2nd

Curators: Stacy Horne, Jonathan Rudnick,  Neverheard