‘Knot So Silent’ by Seren Moran

A solo exhibition by Seren Moran.

‘Knot So Silent’ is an exhibition about opposition and the potential growth learned through conflict.
As of late, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the unsettling, and constant, pull toward identifying everything and everyone solely by their extreme counterpart, particularly within our current political climate.
In response, my work has moved toward capturing the confrontation of extremists, in which I’ve begun creating even higher contrasted images, paring unlikely color combinations with layers of varied textures. I’m capitalizing on the tension while consciously channeling it toward something surprisingly vibrant and optimistic. In this work, I intentionally try and straddle the line between chaos and clarity, combining seemingly contradicting elements into aesthetically pleasing and cohesive pieces.

Through exploring this polarization, I’ve become increasingly aware of the role my gender plays in my approach to conflict, and how this role relates to a history of women finding vibrant and optimistic ways to push through struggle. And so, I’ve become fascinated by the significance of fabric, specifically knots made of fabric, and the historical relationship this has to women.

The knot is an image filled with inherent symbolic contradictions, which lends itself to addressing complexity; they are used to tie things down but also lift things up, they symbolize unity and eternity while also symbolizing confinement and restriction. Knots also have a raw implication of human activity, and when created with fabric, the image inspires a connection of this symbolism to women. In this exhibit, the vibrant paintings and bold colored womanly knots represent an unapologetic intensity; loud, unafraid, ‘not silent’.


Curator: Betty Bigas

Opening Saturday September 30th
6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery (Public Works),
located in the Mission District,
at 161 Erie Street (between Duboce & 14th st.)
San Francisco, CA 94103.