MAcAY – solo exhibition

Macay lives in a permanent trip around the world, accompanied by her inseparable scissors, brushes and bike. At looking over her works, we overview her visual diary.

Macay creates microcosms populated by hybrid figures in which nature seems to demand its rights. Her works stimulates the passer-by, pointing everyday spaces that have come to disappear from one’s sight. The ultra-modern environment and the timelessness of her work provokes a clash between space and time.

The artworks of this exhibition are collages of landscapes made with photos from de north and south of Chile, where MACA captured lost unexplored places far away from the urban context.
MACA worked with images of flora and wildlife and made them part of a city life, connecting the nature with the concrete walls, gray clouds and the city smog.

MACA created a new beautiful and engaging life scenario using images from our daily lives cut and glue in a completely new context and transformed into a surreal narrative and anthropomorphic world.

The pictures copyrights of North coast of Chile are from MACA and southern Patagonian country by photographer Isabel Araya.



curated by Betty Bigas

Opening Friday April 10th 2015
from 6:00 to 9:00pm

Roll Up Gallery (@ Public Works)
161 Erie Street (@ Mission Street, in between 13th & 14th Streets).
San Francisco