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“Staring Out Loud”, solo exhibition by Marty McCutcheon.
Marty McCutcheon’s paintings are inspired by a long-standing admiration of printed letter forms and a budding love of literature. Richly textured with subtly scintillating color, these paintings are magnified, impressionistic representations of letters and words printed on the pages of books. The textual content is sourced from literature listened to while working at home and in the studio— thus, these are words the painter originally heard, rather than read. The chosen texts recall memorable, meaningful passages, but are composed in four and five line fragments, in order to obscure, but not obliterate, their specific origins.

With “Staring Out Loud”, Roll Up Gallery offers a unique contemplative experience of the power of written words and the beautiful shape of letterforms.

Marty McCutcheon is a California-based artist producing abstract paintings, three-dimensional and collaborative artworks, photography and art videos. His work has been exhibited across the U.S. and internationally.

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Roll up gallery brings together varied and interesting works of Women Artists.
A collective experience of freshness and talent.

Beautiful organized clusters of colorful cells juxtaposed with technically lined pencil drawings of people, places and things by the artist and designer melissa arendt.

Intriguing works by the illustrator and artist Alexis Amann.
She makes drawings and paintings populated by a host of weirdos including women, monsters, harpies, sentient houses, hags, octopuses, fish, mermaids, and other creatures of land and sea.

Beautiful organic figurative paintings by Allison Snopek

Bold and delicate geometric artworks made by sewing by Christine Meuris

Paper cut out collages of plant pieces with a spectrum of colors and fictional plant environments  by:
Shayna Yasuhara

And more surprises to come…
Opening Friday Nov 4th, 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
curator:  Betty Bigas

“Hybrid”, solo exhibition by Max Ehrman
Once you understand the laws of nature only then can you break it and create a new aesthetic…
Explore the organic geometrical styles and concepts revolving around nature with the amazing paintings by the talented local street-art artist Max Ehrman.

Max Ehrman known as Eon75 is muralist based in San francisco with roots all over the world.
He moved to europe in the fall of 2001 and studied architecture at the dessau institute of architecture where he received his masters. While in europe he painted in 6 countries and showed artwork in galleries in 4 countries.

After coming back to the u.S.A. his work has been published internationally and nationally. Eon75 has also produced murals for the city of san francisco and known muralist documantarian jim prigoff. He also has painted at many festivals and live venues in san francsico, florida, miami and new york city.

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ArtSpan Artists at Roll Up Gallery – Opening Reception

Featuring ArtSpan Artists:
Bernard Bolter, Lara Buelow, Claire Elliott, Courtney Jacobs, Monica Loncola, Seren Moran, Ayesha Samdani, Irene Schlesinger, Brian Singer, Ealish Wilsion & Jihoon Choi.

About ArtSpan Exhbitions:
ArtSpan provides emerging and established artists with diverse opportunities to display their artwork to new art appreciators and seasoned collectors throughout the year. These opportunities are offered as a benefit of ArtSpan’s Artist Membership. Click here to learn more about joining as a member.

Opening Friday September 2nd, 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Who is pure e̶v̶i̶l̶ ? Info and Ethos

I’ve just arrived on the West Caost from a PURE EVIL PICKERS trip across the USA, visiting the following cities;

Austin TX – Denver CO – Albuquerque NM – Sedona AZ – Las Vegas NV – Death Valley CA – Zabriskie Point CA – Bakersfield CA – Oakland, CA

Along the way I found ‘rusty gold’, old porcelain and enamel signs, and Im starting to paint these signs with my iconic ‘Nightmare Series’..

Each piece is an unique work of art…

DEATH VALLEY is the culmination of this road trip , a one day exhibition of new work, MADE IN AMERICA.

Somewhere between the 1535 execution of Sir Thomas More and the year 2000, Charles Uzzell Edwards became the street artist known as Pure Evil. It’s a pairing of an odd lineage that has produced fanged bunnies and Warhol-esque portraiture famous throughout the streets and galleries of the world.

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“Idols” Strider Patton Solo Exhibition
This series is made to celebrate and honor those who have shared their skills, experiences, and passions to help make the world a better place. Todays world has a false sense of idolism, with celebrity and stardom status being given to those who only seek to better themselves. Through this work, I have imagined what the world could be like if we idolized those who have and are giving their all for us. What do you think the world would be like if their names were household names instead of those who only care about me? 
Strider Patton
Strider Patton has lived his life in the cross roads of public art and altruism. Combining artistic practice from his dad, and social awareness and compassion from his mom, he has been devoting his work toward how art can change the world. After earning a masters degree in applied … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery is proud to announce, “From Ibiza to San Francisco” a duo exhibition by the exceptional artists: Aida Miró & Simona Marziani.
Aida Miró was born in Ibiza in 1976. She started painting graffiti in the streets in early 90´s. Studies in University of Valencia BA Fine Arts, Postgraduate in Theater Design in UK, PhD in Art Therapy in Madrid, formation in dance and Circus.
She lives and works between Ibiza and New York.
Her interest in painting and dance performance is in the relationship between mind, body and spirit.
Simona Marziani was born in Milan in 1964.
She attend art study in  IED  Institute European of Design, specializing in Illustration.
Since 1995 she dedicated to her own creative work and oil painting.
In 1997 she moved to Ibiza.
Her art has been exposed in Ibiza, Milan and Zurich.
Opening Friday July 1st, 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
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