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This Saturday, July 1, GrooveWell celebrates their second anniversary right here at the Public Works Loft, featuring a headlining DJ set by the one and only David Harness — a proper Bay Area legend. In case you’re not familiar with David Harness, he has been bringing his trademark soulful deep house sound to clubs throughout the Bay Area, and the world, since the early ’90s. We asked him five questions to found out what he’s up to in 2017. Read on and make sure to join us this Saturday!

You’ve been DJing all over the Bay Area for decades. Is there anything, in your mind, that makes Bay Area parties and crowds special? Is there anything you love about playing at home vs. playing all around the world?

It’s always an experience playing anywhere around the world. I have to admit, though, the Bay Area kids bring a positive element that you don’t … Read more ›

Shark Week: well-known, beloved, cherished, the occasion for many celebrations and gatherings.

Squid Week: doesn’t exist. WHAT!? WHY NOT?!

Well, OK, “Squid Week” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But they deserve it. Cephalopods — that is, “any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda such as a squid, octopus, or nautilus,” according to Wikipedia — are some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. They’re completely bizarre — squids lack skeletons or bones of any kind, but possess beaks, like a parrot’s, made entirely of organic chemicals (no minerals, no metals) that somehow manage to be twice as hard and stiff as the most comparable manmade equivalents.

[caption id="attachment_15908" align="alignleft" width="349"] Yes, that’s a squid’s beak, and yes it’s badass.[/caption]

Meanwhile, octopi — who, again, lack bone structure of any kind — are able to squeeze themselves through a hole the size of a quarter, as this National Geographic … Read more ›

Daytime disco heroes Poolside have deep San Francisco roots: one half of the duo, Jeffrey Paradise, spent many years living in our beautiful city — and throwing some insane, wild parties, like Blow Up and Frisco Disco. We caught up with Paradise ahead of their gig at Public Works tonight (Saturday June 10) to find out a little bit about what he misses about San Francisco. Read on:

Having lived down in Los Angeles for some time now, is there anything in particular you find yourself missing about San Francisco life?

Many things! So much so that I spend a lot of my time between San Francisco and LA these days. One of my things I miss is the ability to ride my bike almost anywhere in San Francisco. It really improves my quality of life dramatically! Also the beautiful views and green space in San Francisco are really spectacular and not … Read more ›

Salons: they’re not just for hair.

Back in 17th and 18th century France, “salons” were gatherings of thinkers and intellectuals who discussed literature, politics, poetry, and more. Often held in private homes, salons were designed for more than drinks and good company: they were designed to educate and illuminate their patrons.

Fast forward several hundred years, and the salon has grown up — and gotten a little stranger. Public Works would like to introduce you to the ODD SALON, a new twist on an old classic: “Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else.”

Odd Salon is a new bimonthly (first and third Tuesday evenings) event at Public Works — and it launches tonight, March 7. Each Odd Salon features a slew of speakers and hosts, well-versed in odd topics (naturally!), all united by a shared love of discovery — and sharing their knowledge with the audience.

Tonight, Odd Salon … Read more ›

Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Say it three times fast with an olive in one hand and a skewered shrimp in the other in front of an empty highball glass and you will conjure up an entire festival dedicated to the world’s most complex cocktail, a drink that eats like a meal.

Hmm. That isn’t quite how the legend goes, is it? Something like that, anyway. But either way…

That’s exactly what’s on deck this Sunday, September 18, from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. over at our sister venue The Midway. Sunday marks the third San Francisco iteration of The Bloody Mary Festival, a festival dedicated to … you guessed it, all things Bloody Mary, which launched in Brooklyn in April 2014. Their second event was right here in San Francisco (certainly the only other city in the country who takes the bloody mary as seriously … Read more ›

There’s something special about Kurt Russell. Yes, he’s an undeniable, stone-cold hunk whose jawline seems to have been hewn from a block of Italian marble. Yes, he exudes a certain kind of masculinity — he’s a “man’s man” that never stoops to rudeness, coarseness, or churlishness.

But more than that, he’s an incredible actor, one of a very rare breed that can seamlessly move from character actor to leading man and back again. After 40+ years in the biz, it’s safe to say there is pretty much no one like Kurt Russell.

This Saturday, August 27, Public Works is hosting a FREE art show called Deep Cuts, dedicated to all things Kurt Russell. Original art, movie posters, prints, film soundtracks, and more — everything a Russell freak could ask for and then some.

To celebrate, we thought we might pick a few of our favorite Kurt Russell films, in case you need … Read more ›

On Friday, August 19, we invite you to come to Public Works with a Big Imagination. We’re hosting a fundraiser for the Big Imagination Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to incubating new ideas, new talent, and making the impossible possible.
Big Imagination’s big idea is The 747 Project — a total conversion of a 1985 Boeing 747 into a mobile art experience. In other words, Big Imagination will be transforming a 231 foot long double-decker airplane into a Burning Man art car.

[caption id="attachment_14720" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Isometric rendering of the completed 747 Project[/caption]
If that sounds like a crazy project, Big Imagination would agree with you. But true to their name, they think big, and they’ve assembled a motley crew of artists, engineers, designers, builders, and logistics wizards to make this seemingly impossible idea a reality.
But a project of this size and scope requires a lot of funding. That’s … Read more ›