Video Dreams & Audio Wonders : A Current Circus comes to Public Works

As nerdy as this town as, it’s about to get a whole lot nerdier next week when the Game Developer’s Conference hits San Francisco. Over 23,000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games will gather in our fair city to exchange ideas and shape the future of the gaming industry. And, as with any conference wrath its salt, there are a bevy of meet-ups, events, and gatherings happening throughout the city in addition to the conference itself. Public Works is proud to play host to A Current Circus :

** Limited tickets, open bar 8-10pm for GDC attendees, book now / details HERE

Current Circus invites you to an interactive party – come play, dance or mingle and enter a new world where the music is transformed by the audience and our international musicians and DJ lineup.
The event brings together a number of musicians, procedural audio systems, musical video-games, art installations, and any interested visitors, blurring the lines between audience, performers and dancers.
Current Circus has corralled an eclectic lineup of music for the night Limited tickets, open bar 8-10pm for GDC attendees, book now.


FreQ Nasty
Perfect Stranger
Christian Martin
Mista Savona
– Borrris (3rd Empire, Public Works SF)
+ Special Guests.

A musical videogame jam session – interactive art installations that engage the audience to play with the event’s music:

Alpha Muse
– More to come.

– Live interactive music dome
– Projection mapping, interactive dj sets and a live jam-session recording!

Your presence drives our beats and melodies. The music creates and manipulates our visuals, and both are focused together towards a large-scale freeform recording session!