5 Questions with David Harness

Two years ago, a group of friends came together, united by a shared love of music of all kinds. After years of throwing house parties and rallying for shows, they decided to take the next step — and so GrooveWell was born.

For two years running, GrooveWell has thrown a weekly party at Milk Bar on Haight St., bringing funk, soul, boogie, disco and house to a welcoming, diverse dancefloor. Alongside their own residents (Ledet, J Key, and SoulFunky) they’ve featured numerous talented local DJs, like Zebuel, Little John, DJ Fox, Numerous, and many more.  For their two-year anniversary, they’re going bigger, launching a new endeavor called Elevated Rhythms, bringing GrooveWell to the Public Works Loft, hosting local legend David Harness on our heavyweight Funktion-One soundsystem.

We caught up with Harness to ask him a couple questions and learn more about the music he’s dedicated his life to. Read on… and join Harness and the GrooveWell crew for Elevated Rhythms on Saturday, July 1!

You’ve been DJing all over the Bay Area for decades. Is there anything, in your mind, that makes Bay Area parties and crowds special? Is there anything you love about playing at home vs. playing all around the world?

It’s always an experience playing anywhere around the world. I have to admit, though, the Bay Area kids bring a positive element that you don’t feel when you are abroad. I love my crowd because it represents me — Gay, Straight, Black, white, young, old, rich, poor, positive, open minded, and always full of Love!!!

This one might take some scraping in the memory-banks, but… what was the first record you ever bought (to DJ with)? Do you still have it, and if so, do you still play it?
My first 12inch was Kurtis Blow “The Breaks”. I was in Jr. High School. No longer in my possession vinyl-wise, but I have a wav file for sure!!

The dollar bin is the skillful DJ’s secret weapon. Are there any particular ultra-cheap jams you’ve found in your DJ career that work especially well? If you don’t mind sharing, that is!
When I was buying vinyl, I found a Radio Slave “RJ” 12inch and rocked that bad boy to death!!!!!

What are some new tunes that you’re really jazzed about?

Right now I am feeling this track called “Reflections” by DJ Merlon & Black Coffee. it’s beautiful yet dark and deep!!!!

Finally, a fun one — what’s your perfect Sunday look like? No gigs, no work the next day, just a full day to relax and enjoy yourself… how do you take advantage?

Sundays are my day of playing my video game of “Planet Coaster,” cooking dinner with my Husband, and watching some good Sunday Ratchet TV.

David Harness plays the GrooveWell: Elevated Rhythms party this Saturday, July 1 in the Public Works Loft. Pick up discounted presales here