5 Questions with Poolside

Daytime disco heroes Poolside have deep San Francisco roots: one half of the duo, Jeffrey Paradise, spent many years living in our beautiful city — and throwing some insane, wild parties, like Blow Up and Frisco Disco. We caught up with Paradise ahead of their gig at Public Works tonight (Saturday June 10) to find out a little bit about what he misses about San Francisco. Read on:

Having lived down in Los Angeles for some time now, is there anything in particular you find yourself missing about San Francisco life?

Many things! So much so that I spend a lot of my time between San Francisco and LA these days. One of my things I miss is the ability to ride my bike almost anywhere in San Francisco. It really improves my quality of life dramatically! Also the beautiful views and green space in San Francisco are really spectacular and not something you have to go out of your way to experience so that is another part of day to day life in San Francisco that I miss when I’m away.

And is there anything about LA life or culture you wish you could import up north to SF?

Yes, both cities have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Culturally LA has a lot more going on, San Francisco has its moments but you just have to dig deep, know the right people, and seek it out to find a sense of an artistic community and/or find things that are artistically/culturally relevant in a national or global context.

This is a heated topic, but Mexican food in SF vs. Mexican food in LA: is there a clear winner? Does one city have the edge vs. the other?

San Diego is the clear winner, but that’s not the question :) SF has the best burritos and LA has the best tacos. Honorable mention to San Francisco’s Taqueria Vallarta on 24th street, it’s my fav.

What do you like to do in San Francisco when you visit for a gig? Are there any tourist attractions that you once took for granted, or scorned even, that you now find yourself readily enjoying?

I can say that North Beach and Coit Tower I find very charming for day drinking and walking around the city, I don’t recall ever having scorned any tourist attractions besides Haight St and I still don’t enjoy it there so that hasn’t changed.

Last but not least — we’ve heard many stories about your legendary Frisco Disco parties. Do you have any fond (non-incriminating) memories of this byegone era you might care to share with us?

There have been many wild and crazy nights at that party. I think one that really stands out is the time Junior Sanchez left his gig at a big room bottle service club in the city and just said fuck it and came and DJed our little dive bar and things got pretty loose. There’s some photos floating around on my Facebook page… and here’s when Glass Candy played on top of a pool table, plus some more fun photos. And here’s a charmingly low-res video taken at our last Frisco Disco party at Arrow Bar (now Showdown).