dOP, Chateau Flight, MCDE And Then Some At The Works

Just when you will be thinking that it will be safe to hide in your apartment after the ripping time you had (to have) at the Barem, Geddes, John Tejada, Matt Tolfrey and Pillow Talk show this coming weekend, along come Liaison Artists, Solar and Sammy D (Pillow Talk), who have decided that they’re going to further warp our minds, bring the noise and rock the disco-tek with a line-up that beggars belief, or makes us beggars believe. Believe me, I exaggerate not.

To quote 2 Unlimited, “ya’ll ready for this?” And I would advise you to read on while sitting down. On Friday September the 30th, the fine ladeez and gentlemenz mentioned above bring us this line up; from Paris, dOP live and Chateau Flight with a dj set, from Cologne, Motor City Drum Ensemble, from NYC, Thugfucker, and from the city by the Bay, Pillow Talk live, and Solar and Nikola Baytala on not only the ones, but also the twos as well, also and into the bargain. None of these djs and producers needs an introduction. Just make sure you don’t miss this battle of the heavyweights and get your posterior into our interior (oo-er sounds rude) and onto the floor at the Works. You know it makes sense.

Chris Orr