Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a growing interest in the occult and ancient spiritual traditions in popular  culture. I mean, there are triangles EVERYWHERE, and we listen to Witch-House, and Trap has taken over the Illuminati….and butts. We must be careful not to lose our way amongst the charlatans and proselytizers. Luckily there are beings out there like Metal Mother who remind us that these stirrings in culture at large are the stirrings of our past, of our roots. We relate to the symbology and the imagery because they are ancient, elemental, pan-cultural. We live in modern times, with modern problems, and it could stand to reason that we just might benefit from exploring ideas and thought traditions long out of the zeitgeist. “Ionika,” the sophomore release and first full album from musician Taara Tati aka Metal Mother explores these themes…

“Produced in a studio overlooking a harsh corner of downtown Oakland, California where homelessness and prostitution are rampant, Ionika came to be a mashup of the industrial, the tragic, and the etheric.
“Though that was the world around me, I drew much of my inspiration for Ionika from Druid history and folklore,” says Tati. “This inspiration was reinforced by my recent travels to the UK, literature I’ve collected, and entertainment like ‘Lord of The Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’” Tati continues, Ionika is the product of an introverted period of time for me, where I was overcome with an obsession to learn about both my Celtic ancestry and the art of music production.”

Post Primal, Tati’s production outfit, is hosting the “Ionika” record release party at Public Works this Thursday with “gothy electro-noise duo” Tearist along with Uncanny Valley and Some Ember. Come and be initiated



Metal Mother – ‘Shake’ Music Video from Manifest Media on Vimeo.