A Bountiful Bevy Of Bikes And Beats Beckons At The Bodacious Works

Do you like bikes? And do you like beats? Simply put, how could you dislike either? How could you? — I just like saying, or writing, “How could you?” Then I imagine my mascara running down my face as I sit with a bottle of whisky in front of me. OK, moving swiftly along. Well, if you like both of these things — though if there were a grip of bikes and a gang o’ beats then ‘both’ wouldn’t really cover that, right? But if you do be liking those there things that I have just referred to then does the Works have a treat in store for you or what.

On Friday, October 7th Public Works in conjunction with Bikes & Beats is throwing a tasty shindig devoted namely to bikes and beats. The line-up is quite special and is comprised of J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science live, yes live and this will feature guests from Jazz Mafia and Afrolicious. Also on the bill is Aima the Dreamer, Deuce Eclipse, and Dholyrhythms Dance Company of Nonstop Bhangra. Add to this a special dj set from Jon H of Washington DC’s renowned funksters Fort Knox Five, and on top this we have Max Tannone (NYC), Kush Arora of Surya Dub, Surefire and Top Billin, Izzy*Wise featuring Morgan Nilsen LIVE (Afrolicious, Rock the Bike) and GrandComplex (Bikes & Beats). The visuals will be coming courtesy of Allofitnow from Slayer’s Club and Public Works and there will be photography from the ever-reliable Cudunko.

If that wasn’t enough for y’all there will also be live painting by Delvin Kenobe Leake, free VIP bike parking, a DIY workshop area hosted by WIGG Party, Bike fashion and craftiness, door prizes, and drink specials. That’s a lot for a Friday night, right? So if bikes are your things and you’re partial to funk ‘n’ beats then you know where you need to be on Friday, October 7th. You need to be on the floor at the Works. No debate!

Chris Orr