A Wolf In Lamb’s Clothing

‘Cos Zev certainly ain’t no sheep, he leads the (Wolf) pack and he’s part of Wolf + Lamb (pictured) with cohort Gadi. Anyways, regardless of what kinda animal Zev is we sure know what kinda animal he is when he steps up behind the decks. The kind that delivers all the jams all the time; the slows ones, the fast ones, the techy ones, the soulful ones and the funky ones. And that is something we are sure about.

On Saturday, February 4th Zev will be playing a nice long set in the Public Works Oddjob Loft. Joining him will be Peter Blick of People Watch and Public Works itself. He will open the night with an eclectic warm-up set that will set the tone perfectly for Zev to take us deeper into the night’s musical journey. At this point Wolf + Lamb need no introduction, their label Wolf + Lamb Music is synonymous with top-notch house music, on par with any of the classics — and probably better than them — and their stable of artists including Wolf + Lamb themselves, No Regular Play, Pillow Talk, Soul ClapDeniz Kurtel and Seth Troxler have taken djing to new heights of artistry and perfection.

With all this in mind you know that you have to get your posterior down to the Oddjob loft and on to (one of the) floors at the Works. It’s gonna be a bumpin’ night  so please join us for the long journey into the morning.

Chris Orr