In case you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps engaged in a year-long game setup by a shady corporation intent on giving you a life-changing experience via live-action role playing, we’ve got some news for you….New York got f***ed up by a hurricane calling itself Sandy. And being the upstanding, thoughtful citizens that we are, we  decided to rally some of our favorite Bass-heads for a night of low-end fueled philanthropy. We’re partnering with an organization called SAVETHECHILDREN.ORG. Save the Children has already deployed people to hardest-hit areas of New Jersey and New York to ensure children’s needs are addressed in the aftermath of the ‘superstorm.’ Save the Children has a strong track record of responding to emergencies in the region. In shelters, Save the Children is providing basic necessities for young children, such as nutritious food items, baby blankets, clothing and hygiene supplies.
We need your generous gift to support our efforts. Your donation will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families. Donate now to the Hurricane Sandy Children in Emergency Fund to support Save the Children’s responses to ongoing and urgent needs as a result of the storm.

Please join us for this heartfelt event, and come enjoy hours of nonstop amazing entertainment while taking part in a generous cause. There is a plethora of amazing talent to be witnessed, and the entire club will be thumping and pulsing under one groove – giving!

Doors open at 9 PM and the party goes until 3 AM. Donations of any level are encouraged, and the door price will be staggered throughout the night to promote proceeds for donation to Save The Children.

G JONES (Saturate Records)
COMMODORE 69 (Hot n Heavy)
SKULLTRANE (Mallabel, Wisdom, Camp ?)
TASO (Sucka Free)
LUKEINO (Bachelors of Science, Compression, Stamina)
RYURY (Soundpieces)
MALARKEY (Juke Joint, Skinny Kitty)
DUBVIRUS vs DJEDI (Muti Music, Original Language)
NEBAKANEZA (Ritual Dubstep)
JOHNNY 5 (Ritual Dubstep)
OCTOPOD (Partners in Grime)
MISS HAZE vs WHOI (Bass Cellar)
POPPA DOSES (Sucka Free)
BLACKHEART (Brap Dem, Mallabel, Public Works)
MR. KITT (Ritual Dubstep)
FOOBZ (Camp ?)