Benoit & Sergio will steal your girlfriend

Quite possibly the most handsome duo in electronic music, Benoit & Sergio are coming to San Francisco to win the hearts of your lovers. Seriously, aside from their dashing good looks, the pair produces freaky, cinematic dance-pop with a sexualized melodrama that pulses with uncommon influences. With nods to bands like Talking Heads, Pavement, & Roxy Music as well as to electronic contemporaries like Isolee and Ricardo Villalobos, Benoit & Sergio manage to transcend the confines of genres with a visceral, atmospheric take on electronic pop. The unexpected juxtaposition of pristine production and lyricism exemplifies why Benoit & Sergio are one of the most unique and interesting outfits in dance music today.

Benoit and Sergio will be headlining Night 1 of Freaker’s Ball on Friday Oct. 26th at Public Works Details here.

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