Birdmonster: OUT of Sabbatical and ON to the Public Works Stage

Birdmonster is a veteran band in the San Francisco Indie Rock scene. They have been away for a few years and we wanted to find out what inspired the come back, and what we can expect on Thursday when they play the Rock-n-Roll Carnival at Public Works.
You guys took quite the hiatus. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Were you still involved in music?
We prefer to call it a sabbatical. It sounds ever so fancy. We’ve been in San Francisco, doing a variety of spectacular or inglorious things, depending on the band member. Some of us got married. Some of us went to school. Some of us decided to see how much gin you could drink in a single sitting. Pete’s been working on a solo project called Sonny Pete and we still all get together to play music whenever we can. It’s just less frequent. I doubt we’ll ever really stop. When we’re 55, I envision us playing Creedence covers at a bar in Ukiah.
You are making a come back into the local scene with the “Singles Project”. Can you describe your idea behind that? Can fans expect a transition from the older Birdmonster sound?
The idea was really just to record the songs we were working on and take it from there. We took a tape machine to our buddy’s house, tracked the thing in a handful of sessions, then spent time at home layering banjos and percussion and additional vocals and whatnot. The sound, I think, is kind of a mash of the first and second album. We’re mixing these ourselves too, so doing them as singles made the most sense.

You were on Fader for awhile. Are they involved in your new releases or are you going DIY?
We love the folks at Fader, but we’re doing these alone. They wanted us to record a seven-disc Dream Theater inspired rock opera and it just didn’t quite sit well.

You have all had various hairstyles through the years. Which was your favorite?
Personally, I like the ones we all made fun of. Peter had a 17th century ponytail. Dave had what was known as The Rocking Rooster. And Zach and I have both looked, at various times, like people you’d find sleeping on a folded cardboard box on 6th street.

In terms of your stage show, what can fans expect to see from you at Public Works on Thursday?

The old, full-on Birdmonster. Since we’re playing less shows, when we get to these days, we have such a great time. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. For all of us, whenever we get together, we’re just grinning like assholes and leaving with tinnitus. That’s the plan for Thursday.

Catch Birdmonster with Le VICE, Teenage Sweater and Magic Fight at Public Works tomorrow for the Rock-n-Roll Carnival presented by Broke-Ass Stuart and Tricycle Records. Doors are at 8pm. Sponsored Booze by Fireball Whisky for the first hour while supplies last! with Fireball drink specials ALL NGIHT LONG!  Presale tickets available here:
$7 Presale | $10 at the door | Ages 21+