Boogie Right At Woogie Nights

Pocket Underground and The Do LaB come together again for some frolics and hi-jinks at the Works. Saturday, June 30th is the day and date and the line up is kinda special IMSNRHO (that’s “In my sorta not really humble opinion” btw). The Do LaB and Pocket Underground always do it up good and we’re always stoked to have them on board, simply ‘cos they know how to throw a damned good partay. Oh yes they do!! If you’ve been to the Do LaB’s green festival, Lightning In A Bottle then you know what they can do.

This time around they’ve outdone themselves with the bill. At this point in the blog post I would ask you kindly and politely to sit down, and only after you have removed any pointy objects (yes, that nice crystal you found on that beach in Bali too) from your vicinity because the talent on this line-up is gonna knock you over. Are you ready? I said ready, not reggae. Maybe you were born reggae, but are you ready? That’s what I really wanna know. So, here’s the talent for this show, Jesse Rose, Alexi Delano (pictured), Sammy Bliss and Sex Pixels. Aren’t you glad you sat down, huh?

Jesse Rose started out in the ‘90s in London and Bristol, inspired by the music around him; soul, funk, hip-hop and early house and techno. He went on to produce tracks, his material has been released on labels like Get Physical and Dubsided and has gained support from the likes of Rob Mello, Jamie Anderson, Trevor Loveys, John Tejada and Stefan Goldmann. Rose is now based in LA and continues to release strong dance floor tracks and dj across the globe.

Alexi Delano is a tech-house legend who was born in Chile and raised in Sweden. He started out in the mid-’90s amid the flood of excellent dance music that came out of his adopted nation and alongside other heavy hitter Swedes like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull and Jesper Dahlback. This core group put out music on labels like the legendary Svek, as well as Missile, Primate and Loop. In the process they created a uniquely Swedish sound that complimented the releases coming out of the States and the UK. Delano has kept producing and djing a quality tech-house sound that incorporates the melodic and the minimal. His dj sets are as legendary as his humility.

Sammy Bliss is a Pocket Underground co-founder and a survivor of many grueling LA warehouse parties. He caught the dance music bug in his native New York, but it was in LA that he joined the dots and the dance floor. Sex Pixels are the SF-based trio of Solfire and BTRU and their VJ Miss Minxx. Their immersive audio-visual shows are extremely forward-looking and fun and they never fail to impress.

So there you go. What do you say to that list of talent? “Yes, please,” would be the response I would expect. We’ll see youz there then.

The Works Clerks