Joining Kingdom and Falty DL on the March 19th Icee Hot bill at the Works is Canblaster a.k.a. French producer Cédric Steffens, who galloped straight out of the gate with 2010’s “Jet Pack” EP on the Sounds Of Sumo label. His sound, born of a love for the likes of Underground Resistance, Basement Jaxx and Dave Clarke, fuses several strands of dance music into a heady but physical blend that never fails to induce mania on the dancefloor.

This passion for music, coupled with an obsession for classic synths led Canblaster to start blasting out tunes that combined UK Funky good times vibes and rolling, breaking beats with heavy Detroit pads (à la Saunderson), classic house and afro-latin rhythms. Not long after his initial release other artists were looking to him to upgrade their sound, while others were keen and quick to get him on their playlists, in their hearts and on their charts. Sinden, Brodinski, Douster or Teki Latex threw him on their charts while Spoek Mathambo, Crystal Fighters or Dooze Jackers got the Canblaster remix treatment.

And on the 19th you’ll get the Canblaster treatment too. So open wide and say, “yeahya!” Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for his Master Of Complication EP on the Nightshifters label, which is out now.