Casual Encounter II

The first Casual Encounter on December 23rd was a bit of a laugh to say the least. And with the party happening two nights before Christmas the assembled posse wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Well, their expectations proved to be incorrect and it turned out to be a bit of a ┬ábanger with the Oddjob Loft of Public Works packed to capacity with folks frugging out (yes there was a lot of frugging going on) to classic house, new stuff, UK garage, Italo and a clutch of other styles.

This time around it’s occurring on Thursday February 23rd and the players are as follows, the High Fantasy kids Alexis Blair Penney and DJ Vivian, Primo, Monsieur M, Loric from Water Borders and Chris Orr (never heard of him) coalescing around some sublime grooves and party rockin’ jamages that will cause damages on the dance floor. So if you enjoyed the last one as immensely as we did then please join us for what should be another rocking night of top-notch music.

The Works Clerks