News Month: November 2011

Public Works and Icee Hot have really made themselves an item in breaking the mould that has become the single genre club night. Together the venue and the much vaunted party have figured out, through careful analysis, long bouts of thinking and the use of microscopes, bunsen burners, statistics and the odd pie-chart, that people who go out might want to hear more than one style of beat all night. And weren’t they right? Indeed, some of us want to hear a coupla two or three different styles of dance music throughout the night. And Public Works and Icee Hot have obliged by giving us, in this year alone, artists as diverse as Scratcha DVA, Creep, M.K., Todd Edwards, Jackmaster, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir.

The next collabo between the Works and the Icees is on December 17th and is no less brimming with variety. It features the … Read more ›

Unless you’ve been under a large mound of pebbles on a beach on the Aran Islands for the last 40 years (is this joke getting old yet?) you might not know who Benoit & Sergio or No Regular Play are. But fear not intrepid and persistent seeker of fantastic nights out on the dance floor, the folks at Public Works and Lights Down Low are going give you the heads up on these young gentlemen on Friday, December 2nd. Benoit & Sergio are a Washington DC duo who are now in Berlin (with everyone else) who have released material on DFA, Spectral Sound and Visionquest. No Regular Play are from Brooklyn, NY and are no slouches either having put out a couple of damn good records on Wolf + Lamb and on Guy Gerber’s Supplemental Facts imprint.

Also on the bill are the following … Read more ›

Face have been putting on some dynamite shows since they first put design to flyer, flyer to hand and needle to record way back when the party was known as ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ and went down at Amnesia on Valencia some time between 2005 and 2008. I can’t remember the exact date, it’s foggy, because SF experiences a micro climate I believe. More recently they’ve done events at SOM and most more mostest recentlyness they’ve been gracing the floors at the Works. They will grace our floors again on Friday, November 18th when they team up with Public Works to give us DJ Harvey, Mike Simonetti for six hours of bad-ass, get-downy jams.

Harvey needs no introduction in SF at this point. The man is a legend and creates a buzz every time he comes up from LA to rock the spot. Simonetti is the man behind the … Read more ›