News Month: April 2011

On May 27th Public Works and ForwardSF present a night of upfront, cutting-edge, four- on-the-floor, Forward-looking bidness as we present Maceoplex (aka Maetrik or a being lodged within Maetrik), ex-Wighnomy Brother Robag Wrumhe (pictured above in delightful and gorgeousful spring-accented attire) and Forward’s helmsman DJ Adnan. They will conspire to rock the Works to its foundations with a choice selection of deep, groovin,’ house and tech-house. You will dance, get sweaty and make pronouncements that the party was hecka fun and that you would have loved if it went on for another six hours.

Jeepers, we would love it too if the party could go on for another six hours and we’re not saying that you should party for another six hours afterwards, but if you want to then that’s a choice you must make, based on your moral compass and the relationship you have … Read more ›

DJ Vadim, a staple on the Ninja Tunes label for well over a decade, and now signed to prolific British label, BBE, has picked up much praise for his productions down through the years. He has been referred to as “one of the few artists creating genuinely new work in the Hip-Hop field”  and a producer who “cannot be ignored.”

Vadim Peare was in Saint Petersburg, Russia, grew up in London and is now based in New York and Port Au Prince, Haiti. In 1994 he launched his own Jazz Fudge label before getting signed to Ninja Tune label in ’95, where he stayed until 2007. In that twelve year period he put out a large body of original productions as well remixes for Gus Gus, Gang Starr, DJ Cam and fellow Ninja Tuners DJ Food and Herbalizer, among many, many others.

On top of … Read more ›

This Friday Fag Fridays brings Tedd Patterson to grace the decks and rock the dance floor at Public Works. Patterson has been around the block on the east coast house scene as well as taking his talent further afield to Europe and beyond. His sets at the Italian club, Angels of Love in Naples are a thing of myth and he has also ventured into the studio to produce a slew of classic club cuts. His production credits include collaborating with fellow heavy-hitter dj/producers like Pete Heller and Chus and Ceballos, as well as putting out his own material on prolific house labels like Francois K’s Wave imprint, Eric Kupper’s Hysteria label, the sadly defunct, but once mighty, Junior London (once known as Junior Boys Own) and Strictly Rhythm (one of the grails of NY house and garage in the ’90s). In the … Read more ›

In the last month alone, many LGBTQI-identified San Franciscans have gone missing. Community organizers in San Francisco fear that the number of disappearances will only increase.

Most of the missing are regular (or regoolar if you want to pronounce it in a funny, carefree and whimsical way) patrons of dance parties in the Mission District, and the bulk of the disappearances happened after a party on March 4th, 2011 at a venue called Public Works.  The party was called (cue loud, orchestral, horror movie type music)…Shame Spiral.

Aysha is one of the promoters of Shame Spiral so we felt that we should have our Apparel Protection Technician, Veedoubya, ask her about this whole sordid affair because he’s been really good at asking questions recently (especially questions about money) and Aysha would obviously crawl over a bed of red hot coal and random bits of sharp metal to do some self-promotion. Wouldn’t … Read more ›

The progress of that nebulous area known as bass music has been non-linear, hard to keep up with, but constant and adventurous. This mainly UK phenomenon started with the Brits and their love affairs with reggae, soul, hip-hop and house. It evolved into the early break-beat hardcore and jungle that in the space of a few years morphed into drum ‘n’ bass. Though that music was seen as an abrupt break from the house and techno continuum that had ruled the clubs in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, New York and New Jersey style house, commonly known as garage, remained a popular music form in ’90s Britain.

In the side rooms of drum ‘n’ bass parties and on the ‘come down’ morning sets on pirate radio stations, British djs played ‘chill sets’ of American garage dub mixes pitched up by 4 to 6 notches on the technics. … Read more ›

Rusty Lazer (what a great name, right?) is a New Orleans based DJ who also happens to be Sissy Bounce megastar Big Freedia’s DJ. He doesn’t just dj though, he also plays in bands. And he can throw down a serious amount of music other than bounce. The PW blog inflicted a probing interview on Rusty and he bounced back (pun highly intended) with some enlightening answers.

Q. Bounce music. Tell us a little about it. How did you and Freedia get involved in it?

A. Freedia’s been involved in Bounce probably most of her life.  As a rapper she’s been doing it for about 12 years, right alongside her gay sister Katey Red.  She got into Bounce as one of Katey background singer/dancers and took off herself soon thereafter.

For me, Bounce is something that I just couldn’t avoid. I love to dance, I love New Orleans’ various and … Read more ›

If you are feeling like you need an afternoon of world-class djs rocking the party all in the name of an excellent cause then look no further than Beats for Japan – Nippon Nobito at Public Works tomorrow, Sunday, April 3rd, from 2:00PM til midnight. So who do we have for you? Well, the line up includes Claude Vonstroke, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, David Harness, Julius Papp and Chris Lum. Good enough for ya? I’ll say, this is one top-notch line-up of San Francisco dance music talent.

On top of this there will be food courtesy of ForageSF, live art and an art auction by Studio DCL/Daniela Chuna Lay, a Brazilian artist, now based in SF. Bid on Daniela’s beautiful work and proceeds from the sale will be donated. There will also be a live internet broadcast by MyHouseYourHouse, so if you’re at home listening … Read more ›