News Month: April 2011

Just in case you’re wondering, Legowelt is not a risen, red mark that you get when you fall on your little brother’s toys. Legowelt is, in fact, a redic talented electronic music producer from the Netherlands. He is known as Legowelt to you and I, but to his postman he is one Danny Wolfers.

His sound is a sizzling amalgam of old school Chicago jack tracks, Detroit techno, Italo disco and electro, all fused with a distinctive edge that is Wolfers’ own. He is a native of The Hague, the Dutch city that is home to the International Court of Justice, and is also the city of origin of  Bunker Records, the label that initially inspired Legowelt to take to the synths and boards. It is essentially ground zero for the cabal of dedicated Dutchmen who created the modern appetite for classic Italo disco, via productions by the likes … Read more ›