News Month: May 2011

New York night life of the ’70s and ’80s has become a thing of myth, remembered fondly by those who were there, and cherished by many more who weren’t. But it’s hard not to view that halcyon period, from the birth of disco to the in between period in the ’80s when house and garage slowly took shape, as nothing other than that, a golden age, a golden age of sound. This Thursday at Public Works we are honored to have one of the chief architects of that era, Danny Krivit, play for us on the main floor.

Danny has dance music in his blood. In the ’70s his restaurateur father converted the family restaurant into a disco. Record collector Danny was of course installed as the dj and from there his trajectory into the NY disco scene began. This period, stretching into the late ’70s, was when disco was really … Read more ›

Some people like their eggs scrambled, others are partial to them poached, there are a select few who opt for them in a fried form and many who prefer theirs unfertilized, please. At the Works we haven’t consumed that many eggs, but we are getting geared up to on Thursday May 12th when the party known as Eggs — once a feature at Mighty back in the halcyon days of the noughties — will consume us with its spherical affections (Editor’s note: Seriously dude, what the hell are spherical affections?).

Yes, so where was I? Eggs will indeed bring the round passions on the 12th of this fair and balmy month when they present quality performances and music by a number of talented young men and women. These young men and women include, PJ Pooterhoots (more commonly referred to as Craig Drake by his chiropractor) in a collaborative project known … Read more ›