News Month: June 2011

Marty Party, dubbed (or is it dubstepped?) the Iggy Pop of electronic music, is coming to the Works on Saturday, July 2nd, to humbly present a set in support of his new album, Purple, which is climbing up the i-tunes electronic charts as I write. The man is renowned for his energetic live shows of music that fluidly fuse dubstep, hip-hop and other forms of dance music into a style that is singularly and unmistakably the sound of Marty Party. His music has a tough, crunk feel and is known to many as glitch hop.

He picked up Ableton Live in 2005 and set about creating the music that was in his heart and head, a music form that he wasn’t hearing at the majority of the shows and club nights he was going to at the time. His first album, a digital release called Read more ›

Derrick Carter is coming to Public Works to dj at a party called Jackhammer Disco. Do you know what this means? It means that Derrick Carter is coming to Public Works to dj at a party called Jackhammer Disco. Jeepers, how many times do I have to repeat myself? I am so tired of being misunderstanded and misunderestimated. Really. No, but really, Derrick Carter is coming through to jack us into the early, wee hours of the morning. He will begin this process sometime around midnight on Friday, July 1st and will finish in the early, wee hours (as I have already said) of Saturday, July 2nd.

For the benefit of those of you have been studying rare arachnids on Papa New Guinea for the last 29 years, Carter is an old-school house dj who has taken the Chicago sound through the ’90s, into the noughties and now … Read more ›

What would you say if someone told that you could see (and hear) Lee Foss dj on July 8th at the Works? Then what would you say if someone told you could also see Tim Sweeney play at another venue? And then what would you say if someone told you that you could see them both at the Works at the same time, in the same venue while you’re standing in that very same room having the very same drink you had ten minutes ago, and eight minutes before that and six and a half minutes before that? I’ll bet that you’d say, “Wow, …hic…that ish totally…hic…and utterly aweshome…hic. The Face and PW put on a cracking party not long ago with DJ Harvey and I am certainly going to this Lee Fossh/Tim Shweeney joint too! Get me another beer and a shot pleash.”

Or you could … Read more ›

Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani have been doing their thing for a while, as Metro Area, but also apart, in other projects dating back to the early ‘90s. Geist started out obsessed with the UK’s interpretation of Detroit techno, releasing material on cult labels like Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic Recordings, Fragmented and Clear. Jesrani was a member of Essa 3 who released two EPs and an album on long-lost and sadly missed San Francisco label ZoëMagik Records. By the late ‘90s they had teamed up and formed Metro Area, a project that took its cues from classic disco, house, electro and Italo disco.

The early Metro Area EPs sounded unlike anything around at the time. I remember back in ’99 when I was working in the salt mines of Amoeba and XLR8R — that’s why I’m so salty btw — … Read more ›

Big Freedia, who devazztated Public Works when she played here back in April, is back on June 26th to wreak more havoc with another azztounding display of tough funk, rabble rousing party antics and…um…er…azz. Her April 7th appearance at the Works was one of the most off-the-goddam-hook nights we’ve ever had. The place was rocked, the stage was invaded, grown men were weeping and there was azz everywhere.

We anticipate that the June 26th show, a daytime affair running from 2PM til 10PM, which Hard French are bringing to us, will be similarly unhinged, unparalleled,  unabashed and unazzailable. It’s Gay Pride and everyone will be proud and gay (it’s SF bro, even the straight folks are gay that weekend) and the Works will be rocked hard, Hard French shtylee.

If you missed Freedia the last time around, do yourself a ginormous favor by not missing her this time … Read more ›

This coming Sunday at the Works, Elevation Salon (an excellent place to get yer locks sheared in downtown SF) bring us a hair and fashion show with a difference. I feel that as soon as some of you hear the words ‘fashion’ and ‘show’ you immediately think of vacuous clothes horses and bad Euro-dance music. Well kids, think again, this is one fashion and hair show that will not involve any of that.

Firstly, this is not just a hair or fashion show, it is an amalgam of art, fashion and film inspired by artist Tuan Tran’s ‘Wire Wear‘ dresses. These are garments constructed by hand from recycled telephone wire. On top of this there’s live music from Australian psyche/shoegazers, The Black Ryder, whose debut album, Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride, is available on stalwart NY indie label Mexican Summer.

The band is a duo comprised of Aimee … Read more ›