News Month: July 2011

As I have mentioned umpteen times at this point, Marc Kinchen, aka MK, the legendary house music (or is it garage?) producer and remixer, is going to be djing for Icee Hot, Saturday July 30th, at Public Works with his brother Scott aka Scottie Deep and Todd Edwards. I’ve been mentioning it a lot ‘cos I’m just a wee, tad, bit excited and delighted about it. Marc took some time out of his busy studio schedule to talk to me on the phone and answer some questions about music, rekkids and the like.

Q. Marc, you had already put out a few releases in Detroit that were causing a stir when you moved to New York. People like Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson were based in Detroit and got their music around the world, what made you decide to move?

A. Well, I was working mostly with Kevin, Kevin taught me … Read more ›

Mission United. Is it an airline, is it a soccer team, is it a bird or is it a plane? Dear reader, it is none of these. It is a kick-ass party at Public Works on Friday, July 29th. It will be fun, and you will be there, you’ll note it on Four Square, or be square. Be square is not a phone app that tells your friends that you’re square btw, just in case there’s any confusion.

In the main room we have this selection of wicked entertainments, the Hard French DJs, Carnita and Brown Amy, Afrolicious with live percussionists, the 2 Men Will Move You DJs, Primo and  Jordan, a Live PA by Qumbia Qrew, playing a set of Queer Qumbia. And then on top of that, as well as, in addition to, and plus, there is the Oddjob room (you know, the room with … Read more ›

Having MK on the bill for Icee Hot’s July 30th bash is reason enough to get excited, but couple that with the fact that Todd Edwards is on there too and you know this is going to be a winning night. Edwards and MK put out some of the most forward-looking house music — though sticklers like me would opt for the term ‘garage’ — of the ’90s. MK’s sound was a subtle fusion of Detroit techno influences and the garage sound of his adoptive city, New York. Edwards is a product of his New Jersey home. He took the garage sound of the state that had already given the world producers like Kerri Chandler, Blaze and Cassio Ware, as well as the godfather of that particular sound, Tony Humphries and key record labels like Abigail Adams’ Movin’ Records, and nudged it in the … Read more ›

Due to the excitement that comes with knowing that one of our heroes from ‘back in the ’90s’ (a key phrase if you frequent Hooker’s Sweet Treats on Hyde and O’Farrell, and you should, believe me) is coming to play at our club we may have forgotten to mention it…enough. So before I get to mentioning it more, let me just say this, “Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

Yes, Marc (M.K.) Kinchen is djing at Public Works for Icee Hot and if that wasn’t enough for yuz all, he will be accompanied by his brother Scott Kinchen (aka Scottie Deep) and Todd Edwards, the man who moved the New Jersey/New York garage tradition from its roots to being a huge influence on UK garage. The kids at Icee Hot have been representing the exceptionally upfront, such as Ben UFO, Scratcha and Deadboy,  but also have the cajones and … Read more ›

If you’re a ’90s house and garage aficionado or you came through that era and were immersed in the club tracks that defined it, then there is absolutely no way you could have missed M.K. (Marc Kinchen), his brother Scottie Deep (Scott Kinchen) or Todd Edwards. If you grooved, swooned and swayed to those sounds back then, well you’re in for a treat at the end of the month. The young men at Icee Hot have decided to chuck the whole gang of them at us on July 3oth. Not three bad you might be inclined to think, and you’d be right to think that. These producers were at the forefront of the uptempo dance music coming out of the US east coast between ’92 and the end of the decade. Their music not only shaped the house music that would emerge from Europe in the … Read more ›

SF promoters Rhythm & Reason make their Public Works debut on the August 4th with a stellar line-up of local and international talent. The team, comprised of Dheeraj and Jamaica, has been deeply involved in promotion and music production for quite some time and 2011 sees them take things to another level with this early August show that features Indian-born, German-based producer and dj Pawas Gupta,  backed up by some of the city’s finest techno and house talent, including Clint StewartAtish + Mark Slee and, of course, the residents, Dheeraj and Jamaica.

Pawas has crafted some fine tech and house releases that display a finessed musicality and a strong sense of respect for the deeper side of Detroit techno. His work with partner Daso Franke has achieved classic status already thanks to formidable releases like Night Express EP on Flash Recordings and the Det EPRead more ›