News Month: July 2011

Unless you’ve been under a stone that’s next to a small, unknown river, in the middle of a really out of the way forest in a totally hard-to-get-to corner of Outer Mongolia (or Outer Bongolia perhaps), then you probably won’t know who Tim Sweeney is. You also won’t know that Mr. Sweeney is playing at a party at Public Works on Friday, July 8th. “Jeepers,” I hear you excitedly utter, “I need to get my hairs did and get a pedi/mani/tanning combo done in time for said event.”

The event — whether said, or idly pondered on while looking out the window at clouds and little birdies flying by — is a joint effort by the able-bodied and stout of heart gentlemen of The Face and the incredibly intelligent and jaw-droppingly attractive team of bon-vivants at Public Works. What’s a bon-vivant? I don’t know, but it sounds really … Read more ›

Friday, July 22nd sees the man, the legend and one of America’s hardest working djs, Doc Martin, back in the Bay, and on the decks at the Works for the first time. Doc Martin (real Martin Mendoza) started out spinning hip-hop in San Francisco in 1986. Soon he was playing house music and this is where his influential run begins.

If ever there was a case of a dj finding the right time and being in the right place with the right music, it is when Doc moved down to Los Angeles at the dawn of rave culture in that city. He went on to play a pivotal role in the club and warehouses parties that pushed the LA scene forward; his epic sets at his Flammable Liquid parties are remembered fondly by those who can remember them. By the mid ’90s Martin was playing residencies in New York at clubs like Read more ›