News Month: September 2011

Oh yesh, youz be hearing me pretty much, very, rather, somewhat and unequivocally correctly. Martyn, two of Night Slugs’ main boys, Girl Unit and Bok Bok, and Santiago Salazar (S2) of Detroit titans Underground Resistance, will be throwing down at the Works on Rocktober the 1st. Which is a Saturday by ze vay. The party is a joint effort by Public Works and the fine, upstanding, stunningly attractive and tall-walking young gentlemenz of Icee Hot.

Once again the Icee Hot boys have shown absolute disregard for genres. Yes folks, being underground while mimicking the marketing techniques of top 40 radio is not where it’s at, you dig? That is, adhering hard and fast to extremely defined styles of music is not really that underground. Icee Hot goes against — or agin, and then I spit the chewin tobacco out of my goddurned mouth — … Read more ›

On Sunday October 2nd the Works will host an evening of music, film and food called Public/Overlap, which features the music of artist Christopher Willits, DJ Centipede (aka Mophono) and Gamelan Gender Wayang. The event will run from 7:00pm on Sunday, October 2nd til 11:00pm.

Willits, a San Francisco-based musician, has released his lush, polyphonic music on labels such as Ghostly International from Ann Arbor, Belgian imprint Sub Rosa and Japan’s Plop label. He is noted for his intricate guitar-based approach that utilizes software designed by Willits himself. He also has the unique pedigree of having recorded an album with veteran Japanese experimental musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Ocean Fire” from 2007.

DJ Centipede, often known as Mophono, is a Bay Area beat maker whose music and club nights continue the West Coast tradition of taking hip-hop and bending its corners into abstract shapes. Centipede’s long-running weekly Change … Read more ›

The Works is one year old on September 24th. Yesh folks, on September 24th 2010 we opened our doors for the first time, cranked up the phonograph and let the tunes rip on the Funktion One. The following night Mary Anne Hobbes and Mount Kimbie came by for some cutting edge UK bass action (more of which will be coming to us on October 1st courtesy of Icee Hot btw).

Anyways, back to the subject at hand, yes our first birthday or anniversary to be more accurate. We’ve got an all local line-up that includes funkmaster in effect, Gordo, capable 313 advocate, Rich Korach, the ever-charming Deejay Kramer, the ever-rocking Afrolicous, the ever Whitchy Marco De (Viva) Las Vegas and the ever-cutting edge Shawn Reynaldo (whose Cumbia and all latin-inflected set a few weeks ago was truly impressive). And there’s more … Read more ›

In our year of operation we have featured some very new-school music and we have had djs and bands that took it back to the old school. Our sense of community is reflected in the breadth of underground musical talent that passes through our doors and throws down on the floor at the Works. No sound is taboo and no genre is left unturned. It is also displayed in how we connect with several of the Bay Area’s truly energizing and artistically productive non-profits. Sharing with the community is one the things that defines  Public Works’…well…public works.

This month Public Works has been given the opportunity to take it back to school period — no reference to old or new — because September is Back to School Month!!! A portion of our takings for the entire month will be given to local organizations, Mission Graduates and Seven Teepees Youth Program. These Mission based … Read more ›

Indeed, and what a great question. If only we had a great answer. But, maybe we do. A Dreamhole is a little break in the fabric of existence from whence (this is a pretentious little word isn’t it?) dreams emanate. There, that’s it in a nutshell and hopefully that has thrown some light on the matter. So moving swiftly along to another matter entirely that is not Dreamhole related.

OK, hold up, so you know, you know the score, this is a post on Public Works’ blog so Dreamhole must be connected to a party in some form or fashion and you are right, it is. Dreamhole is a little party that we are throwing with the club’s resident djs and our friend Whitch (whose name may or may not be Marco). To buck convention — or perhaps it’s because of a convention — we’re kicking off the festivities … Read more ›

Just when you will be thinking that it will be safe to hide in your apartment after the ripping time you had (to have) at the Barem, Geddes, John Tejada, Matt Tolfrey and Pillow Talk show this coming weekend, along come Liaison Artists, Solar and Sammy D (Pillow Talk), who have decided that they’re going to further warp our minds, bring the noise and rock the disco-tek with a line-up that beggars belief, or makes us beggars believe. Believe me, I exaggerate not.

To quote 2 Unlimited, “ya’ll ready for this?” And I would advise you to read on while sitting down. On Friday September the 30th, the fine ladeez and gentlemenz mentioned above bring us this line up; from Paris, dOP live and Chateau Flight with a dj set, from Cologne, Motor City Drum Ensemble, from NYC, Thugfucker, and from the city … Read more ›

If you’re gonna throw a party featuring some of the most upfront, wicked techno and house music available on the face of this, or any other, planet, you’re gonna need to start early and go way late. And that is precisely what we’re gonna do. That’s the rambly preamble (or is it a preramable? Prerambly?) out of the way, so let’s get straight to the point. And here it is, on Saturday, September 10th Dax and Public Works bring you a line up that will blow your mind, float your boat and tickle you pink.

Headlining is Barem — or Mauricio Barembuem as the guy at the bookies knows him — who hails from Buenos Aires and who has released singles on cult imprints like Foundsound and singles and a full-length on Richie Hawtin’s M_nus label. Matt Tolfrey joins Barem from Nottingham in the UK, where … Read more ›