News Month: September 2011

Dixon (or Steffen Berkhahn as the guy at his local liquor store knows him) is coming to dj at the Works for a Public Works show in tandem with those fine gentlemen at Forward. The party will happen on Sunday, September 11th from 5 in the afternoon til midnight. You will not be washing your hair, painting your toenails or changing the kitty litter. No, you will be on the floor at the Works, giving it loads, having it large and bouncing your body to the box, albeit in a sensible, responsible and thoughtful fashion (ummm, ah ye…ahhh).

Dixon hails from Berlin and has been playing disco-dancing related disks for nigh on two decades, having cut his dj teeth as a resident at various Berlin niteries in the early ’90. This grunt work of rocking hundreds of people for hours every week and for years on end enabled him … Read more ›